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E-assessment An introduction to assessment for learning.

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1 E-assessment An introduction to assessment for learning

2 Assessment of learning Assessment as learning Assessment for learning

3 Assessment for learning is the assessment undertaken for planning, developing and transforming future teaching and learning. Key elements are questioning, feedback, discussion and reflection.

4 Assessment as learning The assessment becomes part of the learning process itself. Key elements are learners creating their own assessment criteria, self- and peer assessment, and discussion about assessment.

5 Assessment of learning Assessment of learning is assessment done largely for the purposes of accreditation, testing and grading learners’ work.

6 The Improving Formative Assessment project identified six key interventions a tutor can take: engaging learners in constructive dialogue focusing on skills, knowledge, real-life contexts and success criteria inviting learners to draw up their own assessment criteria and devise their own marking schemes providing opportunities for learners to reflect on their learning providing opportunities for peer assessment applying effective questioning techniques and giving detailed feedback that is more than just a grade, score or mark. creating a positive learning environment where learners feel relaxed

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