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ASNA Architecture and Services of Network Applications Research overview and opportunities L. Ferreira Pires.

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1 ASNA Architecture and Services of Network Applications Research overview and opportunities L. Ferreira Pires

2 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 2 Contents Research motivation Main projects Courses Assignment examples Contact information

3 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 3 Trends in communication systems

4 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 4 Trends in end-user terminals “communication for every person, place and thing at any time” “from one computer with many users to one user with many computers” Ubiquitous computing (one person, many computers) PC (one person, one computer) Mainframe (one computer, many people) 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1940 19451950195519601965 1970 1975 1980 19851990 1995 2000 2005 Sales/Yr Yr

5 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 5 Additional observations More and more Mobile applications and wireless access Personalized and context-aware applications Multimedia applications Personal and embedded devices  pervasive / ambient / ubiquitous computing Services Alternative uses of the Internet (e.g., Skype) But Opportunistic design and maintenance problems

6 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 6 ASNA lines of research Design methods Service design and architectures Modelling and transformations Semantic web (ontologies) System M-health applications Generic support for context-aware mobile applications Context management and reasoning Quality of context Privacy, trust and accounting

7 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 7 264000 Networked applications ASNA courses 265100 Architecture of distributed systems 263100 Mobile e-health applications and services 265110 Protocol engineering 265201 Middleware for distributed objects 265205 Business integration with web services 265200 Implementation of network applications 265300 Management of network applications 214011 ICT 211042 Communication and data management 265000 Design and management 263000 Telematics Services

8 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 8 Context-aware applications Context information can be used to characterize the situation of an entity of interest for the application Goal: use real-world situation to influence the behaviour of applications on behalf of their users Context information Context-aware application context Real world context modelling influences

9 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 9 Context examples Location (multi-domain sources) Speed, direction Role (home, work) Activities (meeting, busy, travelling) Surroundings (type of place, luminance) Connectivity (bandwidth, delay) Availability Medical/health parameters (emergency) Resources in the neighborhood (printers, displays, speakers)

10 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 10 Personal Area Network (PAN) Applications Context in AWARENESS How can we detect context? How can we derive/reason context? How can we use context? How can we keep it secure and private? GPRS, UMTS, Wi-Fi Internet Ad-hoc networking Mobile user, Mobile applications Mobile user, Mobile applications AWARENESS service and network infrastructure Applications M-health services

11 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 11 Modelling, reasoning, inference, quality of context Support for context-aware applications –ECA rules, rule engines –Application framework –Context sources (implementation and simulation) Ad hoc networking for e-health applications And many more… Topics for assignments

12 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 12 Model-driven service development Main goal: enable rapid service development Concentrate on Freeband services  mobile, context-aware and attentive Hypothesis if we have proper models, we can define transformations to implementations on different platforms (model-driven engineering)

13 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 13 Example: telemonitoring services  healthcare professional biosignal monitoring service biosignal service biosignal presentation service care coordination service positioning service availability service health prof. alarm service health team alarm service aid person alarm service alert patient service  aid person  patient context service action service ECA service usage (internal) usage (external)  health team

14 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 14 Technologies new context and action providers Existing context and action providers (e.g., weather, traffic, temperature) Service composition Components Location(GPS) Scope of A-MUSE UI comp UI comp service component service component service component UI comp Contact list Parlay X network Fixed Internet, WLAN UI comp service component GRPS, UMTS, WLAN Location and Presence (GSM network) JavaWSDL J2ME or Pocket PC Symbian BPEL / Java

15 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 15 Necessary support abstract platforms modelling languages transformations service designers’ view (service creation phase) service specification service design middleware notify location traffic info I know how context- aware services can be defined, built and deployed! I also know the technology! service realisation preferred means notification A-MUSE Service Engineering Utility service providers’ view (service execution phase) service users’ view (service execution phase) experts’ view (preparation phase) I have this idea for a service and I want to build it!

16 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 16 Semantic web Current web is limited to syntax-based interactions There is a need for semantic information if machine-to-machine interactions are enabled Solution: use of ontology-based languages (Semantic web) Semantic web services: service discovery, mediation and composition using ontology-based techniques

17 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 17 Topics for assignments Behaviour modelling Model transformations Modelling and transformation tools Mapping to concrete platforms Service modelling Service composition And many more…

18 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 18 Other opportunities We have contacts with many companies for traineeships and Master projects We have contacts with other universities abroad  students exchange is possible in the EU in the scope of the SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme

19 3 June, 2015 ASNA research 19 Contact information Student advisor Ing Widya Phone: 3945 Room: Zilverling 4011 You can also contact any of the staff members! see

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