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Alabama Geospatial Office Established May 2007 Mike Vanhook State GIS Coordinator.

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1 Alabama Geospatial Office Established May 2007 Mike Vanhook State GIS Coordinator

2 To become a trusted leader, providing high value information technology services to the state of Alabama.(ISD Vision) To build a comprehensive GIS program that facilitates growth and development Sever-based architecture and services Unified spatial data infrastructure Shared data and services Vision

3 Support, facilitate, and promote geospatial programs and technology for the State Develop statewide initiatives Develop geospatial infrastructure for the enterprise ASDI – Alabama Spatial Data Infrastructure Avoid duplication of expense Provide scalable solutions Promote reuse of spatial data Promote collaboration and cooperation Goals

4 IT Standards & Planning Data Center and Tech Support Application Development & Support (MF, C/S, Web) Statewide Telecom System (Wired and Wireless) WAN and Internet Access Video Conferencing E-mail and Messaging IT Project Consulting Desktop Services Web Development Services e-Government Services Data and Network Security Geospatial Services ISD Services (Self-Funding, Revolving Fund Agency)

5 Alabama Geospatial Office Building Upon Success Geospatial Infrastructure Build upon the existing IT and Network Infrastructures Providing services over the Statewide Data Network Statewide Authentication and Security

6 Consolidated Data Centers SAN with DR in Huntsville Mainframe Storage Metro Ethernet,MPLS Deployment Backup Internet POP (Birmingham) Policies and Standards New GIS Server Deployment for web services Develop Geospatial Policies and Standards Expanded Infrastructure


8 Geospatial data provides LOCATION of entities to the enterprise; with minimal attribution Connecting services and systems through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Plumbing/Networking data and services Building network applications Enterprise Geospatial Infrastructure

9 Potential Programs and Services: Enterprise GIS solutions and web map services Server and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Alabama Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) Geospatial coordination and shared services Data storage, integrity, replication, and security Cost effective and high quality systems Integrated technology State negotiated contract pricing for hardware and software Support for federal geospatial standards and guidelines Training and Support Geospatial Services

10 Established state-wide purchasing contracts for computers and monitors. GIS Developer Workstations (in process) ESRI Enterprise License Agreement Will save over $200k upon deployment ISD - Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (SHI, Inc) Other contract consideration in support of geospatial technology Statewide Contracts

11 State Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) Between the State of Alabama and Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

12 Purpose of the Agreement  We are coordinating a single contract with ESRI to: Reduce the overall cost of license ownership Improve support for Geospatial Programs Coordinate and facilitate statewide GIS Improve available training and capabilities

13 Participating Agencies  All State Agencies as identified in the ELA are eligible to receive benefits There are over 90 State agencies listed  The State shall provide Tier 1 Technical Support Primary state agencies will Provide local/in-house Tier 1 Support

14  Agreement Licensed Software  Including: ArcGIS Server Extensions

15 Price Benefit Participating State agencies will pay 80% of their annual maintenance costs

16 NSGIC National States Geographic Information Council Serving as a State Representative Ramona (GIS Inventory) State Administration Imagery for the Nation GIS for the Nation Fifty States Initiative USGS Agreement Supporting the national Geospatial Line of Business National Geospatial Programs Office FGDC/NSDI standards and best practices Shared data and services HIFLD Homeland Security Foundation Level Data Working Group Served as NSGIC Representative for HSIP Feedback session Supporting Geospatial Programs

17 HIFLD Homeland Security Infrastructure Foundation Level Data Working Group Served as NSGIC Representative for HSIP Feedback session HSIP Freedom Homeland Security Infrastructure Program State partnership to provide and update data Ownership/stewardship of State data 2 way transaction of data Communication and exchange of information Supporting Geospatial Programs

18 Ramona (



21 Annually, NSGIC collects and publishes summary information about the GIS Coordination activities of each state. Provide background for State geospatial programs Describe accomplishments, goals, challenges, cooperative programs, data development Collect links to standards, policy, and program documentation State score card rating the (9) NSGIC Coordination Criteria and key objectives of the Fifty States Initiative Ramona State Summary

22 1. A full-time, paid coordinator position is designated and has the authority to implement the state's business and strategic plans. 2. A clearly defined authority exists for statewide coordination of geospatial information technologies and data production. 3. The statewide coordination office has a formal relationship with the state's Chief Information Officer (or similar office). 4. A champion (politician or executive decision-maker) is aware and involved in the process of coordination. Fifty States Initiative Coordination Criteria

23 5. Responsibilities for developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and a State Clearinghouse are assigned. 6. The ability exists to work and coordinate with local governments, academia, and the private sector. 7. Sustainable funding sources exist to meet projected needs. 8. Coordinators have the authority to enter into contracts and become capable of receiving and expending funds. 9. The Federal government works through the statewide coordinating authority. Fifty States Initiative Coordination Criteria

24 ALGO Website

25 Alabama Geospatial Office Established May 2007 Mike Vanhook State GIS Coordinator Direct: (334) 242-4799

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