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Near North District School Board1 Be Safe, Secure & Private Online.

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1 Near North District School Board1 Be Safe, Secure & Private Online

2 Near North District School Board2 The Internet is great but… Some of the content can be incorrect or out of date Many people would like to collect information about you to sell to someone else Some people want to see private information about you and your family

3 Near North District School Board3 Accurate Information Use the Virtual Library sites Go one click from Virtual Library:  to the Canadian Encyclopedia,  to Electric Library We can’t guarantee the safety of sites beyond that 1 click

4 Near North District School Board4 Double Check Check online information for accuracy and reliability against Virtual Library encyclopedias and Electric Library sources.

5 Near North District School Board5 Be Safe You should never give anyone online your  Name or a picture of yourself  E-mail address  Address  School or team names  Gender [male or female]  Age  Phone number  Family information

6 Near North District School Board6 At school… Don’t use  Hotmail, Yahoo mail…  Message boards  Chat [ICQ, Messenger…]  Guestbooks  Web boards  MySpace [and others like it]  YouTube

7 Near North District School Board7 And From Home You Should Never… Communicate with strangers Agree to meet anyone who has contacted you online Give out the name of your school or school team Send a picture of yourself or your family to anyone who has contacted you online Respond to mean messages or ones that make you feel uncomfortable

8 Near North District School Board8 E-mail addresses If a site requests an e-mail address, check with your teacher or parent first and then use a fake one:  Use  For example, or

9 Near North District School Board9 How People Make Money Online People sell your e-mail address and information When you sign a guestbook, your information will most likely be sold to other companies When you visit commercial sites, companies gather your personal information from your Internet settings

10 Near North District School Board10 Advertising Don’t click anywhere on advertising Ignore advertising – clicking anywhere on the ad will load it. If you load ads by mistake, close them immediately X WARNING! Your Internet connection is not optimized. Click here for details. Sample Ad

11 Near North District School Board11 If you run into problems… Tell your teacher or parent/guardian

12 Near North District School Board12 Summary Obey your school’s rules for online safety [Acceptable Use Policy] Search the Net with a teacher or parent/guardian present Be safe, not sorry

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