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What is Web 2.0? Communication, Collaboration & Community.

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1 What is Web 2.0? Communication, Collaboration & Community

2 Web 2.0 = Read/Write Web Blogs Wikis Podcasts RSS And More… It’s Free!

3 Timeline Web 2.0 first coined 2004 Blogs – pre-Web, 1983 Term Weblog 1997 Wiki – Ward Cunningham 1995 RSS – 1995 Social Bookmarking – 1996, Delicious 2004 Podcasting – 2000 iGoogle – 2005, renamed April 2007

4 Blogs Web logs or chronological online personal journals with reflections, comments and often links to other Web sites produced by the writer Others may subscribe to a person's blog, which allows them to read it and write comments in response Images, video and audio can be embedded as well

5 Wikis A type of Web site that allows visitors to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit and change some available content Collaborative Read/Write tool Wikipedia – largest encyclopedia All types of media can be embedded Images, Audio, Video, Flash Wiki means Quick or Fast in Hawaiian

6 Podcasts A syndicated audio (or video) program produced either by traditional media, such as radio and television, or by individuals, including educators, hobbyists, students, or other enthusiasts passionate about a topic Originally from iPod, but POD now means Playable on Demand An iPod is optional, not required

7 Podcasts Existing educational podcasts available for free use in all subject areas A free program, Audacity, allows you to create mp3s. Vodcasts (video) are possible, but more difficult to implement You can do it too!

8 RSS RSS: (Really Simple Syndication): a format for aggregating Web content in one place Bring the content to you. News feeds: (NPR, Current Events, sports articles) Collect most any Web content as it is updated including podcasts and Blogs Bring the Web to You, Saving You Time!

9 Social Bookmarking, Furl, Digg Allow you to share bookmarks “Tagging” groups together similar topics

10 iGoogle A great way to consolidate Web resources, including a plethora of educational resources grouped by subject area Gadgets allow media to come to you, including RSS feeds Plus fun things like weather, calendar, Sudoku… Bookmarks (Web accessible) Google, it’s not just for searching!

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13 Security All technologies must be private and secure for education Only we can view and edit Accounts are necessary Wikispaces: Private accounts free for educators (others pay $50 per year) Podcasts and Blogs can be secured Parent consent required

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