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What is a chromosome?.

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1 What is a chromosome?

2 How many chromosomes are there in a human cell?

3 Chromosomes Occur in Pairs!!


5 Homologous Chromosomes

6 Haploid vs. Diploid Haploid = 1n Diploid = 2n 1 set of chromosomes
Gametes Egg Sperm Diploid = 2n 2 sets of chromosomes 1 set from father, 1 set from mother

7 How are gametes formed? Meiosis

8 Meiosis


10 Fertilization

11 Intro to Genetics Gene Allele Dominant – A Recessive - a
Homozygous - AA Heterozygous – Aa Genotype Phenotype

12 Steps for Solving Genetics Problems
Determine the genotype for each parent. Determine the different gametes that each parent can make for the trait in question. Draw a Punnett square with the possible gametes for one parent across the top and the gametes for the other parent down the side. Show the genotype of each of the offspring that would be produced by the joining of the gametes. Determine the phenotypes for each offspring. Calculate percentages or probabilities.

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