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Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 1 ERP Assessment, Selection, and Planning SAMPLE APPROACH.

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1 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 1 ERP Assessment, Selection, and Planning SAMPLE APPROACH

2 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 2 Performance Management Business Case / ROI Definition Operational Measures Benchmarks and Perf. Targets Manage Measures to Bus. Case Business Processes Process Improvement & Design Process Measures & Value-Add Staff / FTE Optimization Six-Sigma & Quality Organizational Change Organizational Readiness Organization Design Job and Work Design Training & Communications IT / Architecture Vendor Selection Project / Program Management Solution Architecture Reporting & Business Analytics Business Strategy Alignment Strategy Definition / Articulation Performance Measure Alignment with Strategy Business Optimization Benefits Realization Realizing ERP Benefits and ROI Focus on ERP ROI and Benefits Realization Activities During Software Evaluation and Project Planning Should Focus on Optimizing ERP ROI

3 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 3 Sample Project Plan Focus on High-Value Activities Designed to Establish a Roadmap for a Successful ERP Project

4 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 4 Define Key Project Resources Core Team Subject-Matter Experts Management and Other Stakeholders Finalize Project Plan Milestones and Resource Allocation Conduct Project Kickoff Meeting with Key Stakeholders and Participants Review Existing Company Documentation Task 0: Project Mobilization and Planning Start Phase I: Initial Assessment

5 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 5 Clarify/Identify Strategic Drivers of ERP Document High-level Business Processes By major function – e.g. Manufacturing, Finance, Maintenance, Supply Chain, etc. Document Current System Architecture Define and Prioritize Business Requirements Define and Prioritize Business Pain Points and Opportunities for Improvement Identify Process KPIs and Business Benefits Task 1: Define Business Requirements

6 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 6 Review Platform Requirements Assess Network Infrastructure Assess Current System Architecture Assess Handheld Technology, if applicable Determine Future Requirements Develop Skill-set Requirements Task 2: Assess Current IT Infrastructure

7 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 7 Identify Vendor Assessment List (5-6 Vendors) Create RFI and Compile Responses Identify Vendor Strengths and Weaknesses Determine Vendor Assessment Criteria Gather Vendor Assessment Results Complete Vendor Scorecards Milestone: Create “Short-List” of Vendors to Evaluate in More Detail Task 3: Evaluate Potential Vendors

8 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 8 Schedule Vendor Demonstrations Create Vendor Demo Scripts Create User Evaluations Facilitate Vendor User Demonstrations Compile User Evaluation Results Create Final Vendor Scorecard Distribute RFPs to Vendors Task 4: Assess Software Functionality Start Phase II: “Short-List” Evals

9 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 9 Architecture Skill-set Requirements Scalability Performance Data Integrity Interface Database Data Migration Approximate Duration: 3-4 Weeks Security GUI Interface Software Management Maintenance Support Upgrades Customization Training Handheld Interfaces Task 5: Assess Software Technology Review Key Technology Capabilities of Each Vendor:

10 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 10 Review RFP Responses and Follow-up, As Needed Review Functional and Technical Scorecards Decision Point: Do We Move Forward with ERP? Make Vendor Recommendations Facilitate Preliminary Software Decision Assist in Vendor Negotiations Milestone: Final Vendor Selection Task 6: Facilitate Vendor Selection

11 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 11 Determine Rollout Strategy and Plan Big Bang vs. Phased, Timing, etc. Identify Project Resource Requirements Create Architecture / Interface Plan Create Final Project Budget Task 7: Develop Implementation Strategy Start Phase III: ERP Planning

12 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 12 Refine Estimated Software Costs Identify Technical Costs Hidden Costs Customization Quantify Key Business Benefits Document Opportunities for Staff Optimization Develop Projected ROI, Payback, etc. Create Benefits Realization / KPI Plan Milestone: Final Project Approval & Project Kickoff Task 8: Develop Final Business Case

13 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 13 Project Communications with Employees Conduct Organizational Readiness Assessment to Identify Pockets of Resistance Develop Business Process Competencies Assess Employee Skill-Sets Identify Staff Optimization Opportunities Facilitate Final Project Approval Task 9: Organizational Change Mgmt

14 Panorama Consulting Group LLC +1.303.256.6253 14 Documented Business Processes, Requirements, and KPIs Vendor Demo Scripts User Evaluation Forms and Results Vendor Scorecards Business Case Justification System Architecture / Interface Document Implementation Project / Resource Plan Benefits Realization Plan Key Project Deliverables

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