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University of Vienna Rectorate – Office of the Rectorate May 30, 2008 Claudia Kögler University of Vienna, Office of the Rectorate.

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1 University of Vienna Rectorate – Office of the Rectorate May 30, 2008 Claudia Kögler University of Vienna, Office of the Rectorate

2 Facts and Figures – The University of Vienna as a location for research Founded in 1365 15 faculties and three centres 8 Service Units and 4 Staff Units 6,200 academics, 980 of them on third party-funded projects 1,900 administrative staff 72,000 students annual budget: almost 450.000.000 € More than 57 locations

3 Internal Organization: Organization Chart

4 The Rector's Office supports the Rector and Vice Rectors in the preparation of strategic decisions to be made in cooperation with other university bodies: – the University Board – the Senate – the Deans – Degree Programme Directors – etc. in the preparation of the development of strategic measures in the supervision of their implementation if required in the controlling of the implementation of strategic decisions

5 These include in particular the preparation of the: Development Plan Performance Agreement Target agreement with the respective faculties/centres and the service units (management by objectives) Personnel structure plan Reports (especially university board) Meetings (agenda setting) Organising the work and the decision making process within the institution Rectorate.

6 The work of the Office of the Rectorate can be divided into three main parts Preparation of the interaction with the different institutions within the University Preparation of the interaction with the different institutions outside the University (public and private institutions, other Universities) Organising the work and the decision making process within the institution Rectorate

7 The Rectorate Georg Winckler – Rector Heinz Engl – Vice Rector for Research and Career Development Johann Jurenitsch – Vice Rector for Infrastructure/Resources and Library Affairs Arthur Mettinger – Vice Rector for Educational Program Development and Internationalization Christa Schnabl – Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Continuing Education

8 The Rector – Georg Winckler Strategic planning (organisation and development plans): with all other members of the Rectorate Team Performance agreement with the Federal Government Concluding annual target agreements with the faculties/centres and university offices (management by objectives) Human Resources (including appointment of professors) Financial affairs Advancement of women Speaker and chairman of the Rectorate Team, communication and Public Relations, Coordination of the University's external representation Proposal for the elections of Vice Rectors, conclusion of employment contracts with the Vice Rectors

9 Research and Career Development – Heinz Engl the Rector's 1st deputy Research issues, research platforms (interfaculty research cooperation), promotion of research and mission-orientated research, third party funded projects (including the authorisations required), taking up of service inventions, licences Establishing and implementing Graduate Schools, Initiative Colleges, doctoral programmes of the EU and the Austrian Science Fund Advancement of young scientists (postdoctoral phase's aim of qualification) Quality assurance in research, teaching, and administration, quality control also with regard to the academic career steps Interacting with the faculty's Scientific Advisory Boards

10 Infrastructure/Resources and Library Affairs – Johann Jurenitsch Development of the infrastructure, strategic planning and management especially in the fields of IT infrastructure and library services Location and spatial planning on the basis of room use concepts; Occupational Health and Safety (medical care, safety- related field) Investing in the research infrastructure (planning of large appliances) in agreement with Vice Rector Engl Further development of the management information systems and ensuring a coordinated reporting system within the entire university

11 Educational Program Development and Internationalization – Arthur Mettinger Development of the range of studies and curricula (in accordance with the Senate) Development and coordination of didactics and the utilisation of new media in the area of education (Centre for Teaching and Learning) Cooperation with the University Teacher Training Colleges (Pädagogische Hochschulen) regarding teacher accreditation programmes, especially methodological training (national and university methodology centres – “Austrian Educational Competence Centres”) Internationalization –Increasing the international standing of the University of Vienna, especially in Central Europe –Increasing the mobility of students and lecturers, e.g. by granting mobility scholarships and entering into international agreements of cooperation –Implementation of international (joint) degree programs

12 Student Affairs and Continuing Education – Christa Schnabl Admission of students and any admission-related issues, especially the regulation of supplementary exams, tuition fee matters, leaves, etc. Developing and coordinating measures to improve the services available for potential students, students and graduates Strategic development and measures of Continuing Education on university level, reflecting the principle of Lifelong Learning Organisation and coordination of courses with the functional bodies concerned; planning of the teaching funds and budget; supervision of the degree programme directors

13 The Team 6 staff members with following thematic focus: head of the office, development of the international higher education area, strategic planning (special focus: human resources and budget), strategic cooperation, knowledge transfer spokeswoman, deputy head of the Rector’s Office, internal and outward communication support for the organization and development planning process (special focus: research priorities of faculties, dedication of professorial chairs), application of strategic control instruments (Wissensbilanz, key data) benchmarking in the university sector, international science development (special focus: research area), university infrastructure support for the strategic development of the study area (in particular PhD), studies organization and student service area curricular development, interface schools and universities, innovations in Science and Society, blended learning, didactics 5 administrative staff members: taking care of the administrative affairs (schedules, correspondence, organisation of meetings, etc.)

14 Decision making process within the Rectorate On the basis of the “Rules of Procedure” Meeting of the Rectorate every week Written agenda including prepared documents (fixed one day before the meeting) Separated in decision and discussion points Minutes

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