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North Somerset Community Partnership Julie Fisher Professional Education Co Ordinator.

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1 North Somerset Community Partnership Julie Fisher Professional Education Co Ordinator

2 What is a Social Enterprise? We are an Employee owned Community Interest Company. This means: –We provide NHS Community Health services but are not an NHS organisation – we are free to compete for other contracts and provide other services to the Community –Like other Social Enterprises, we are a business with primarily social purpose, whose surpluses are re-invested in services –We are a limited company but with special restrictions which means that our social purpose will always be central to what we do –Staff own the company –all permanent staff can buy a £1 share which entitles them to become a shareholder and member of the company –The Board of Directors are accountable to members (shareholders) in the same way as all Directors are accountable to shareholders

3 About our Business…. We are commissioned by NHS North Somerset, part of the Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire Commissioning (BNSSG Cluster) to provide Community Health Services to the people of North Somerset Our contract is for 4 years from April 2011 and has a value of 23 million pounds per year Receiving the full value of our contract is dependent on meeting performance criteria agreed between the head of each service and the Commissioners We work in partnership with the Local Authority, General Practitioners and Voluntary Organisations to deliver 26 services We employ approx 550 staff and a further 150 staff are employed on our bank to cover shifts/short term vacancies

4 Delivering High quality & cost effective services Becoming preferred local health provider Improved patient satisfaction Developing NSCP brand Improving health and wellbeing of population More care closer to homeMeasurable health improvement Meeting and exceeding customer expectations Delivery of community contract/ quality indicators/ developments Consistent high quality patient/client focus

5 Partnership working GPsCouncil Private Sector Voluntary sector Weston

6 Rapid Response & Rehabilitation Community physiotherapy PodiatryTissue viabilityDietetics Speech & Language Therapy Musculoskeletal Specialist Diabetes Nursing Community Occupational Therapy Disabled Adult Resource Team Stroke Specialist Nurse Falls Prevention Gastrointestinal endoscopy Continence and Enuresis Community Hospital inpatient beds Community Pulmonary Specialist Community Services Services across 4 Localities and 7 Community Wards

7 Clevedon Hospital Open 7am – 9pm Nurse led with extended roles to allow treatment of ambulatory patients on site Need to increase usage Minor Injuries Unit Target of 240 admissions per year Focus on multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team enabling patients to return home Safe haven GP beds 18 inpatient Beds Wide range of outpatient clinics including Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic services Endoscopy clinic Outpatients There are plans to build a brand new Community Hospital, due to open in 2013

8 Children’s Services Integrated Services with Local Authority for Children, Young People and their families. Work in 3 Localities – North, Central and South

9 Multi-disciplinary Community Teams & Wards Clevedon Marina Tyntesfield Strawberry Line Weston North Worle 7 Wards based around groups of GP Surgeries One integrated team, working collaboratively to keep people in their homes – where necessary admitting people to a “virtual ward” Weston South

10 Learners Current learners in organisation; Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Podiatry Dieticians Nursing adult/child branch students Mental Health Learning Disability SCPHN’s TAP’s Apprentices Return to Nursing

11 Implications Increased hours of delivery of care. More acute care delivered closer to home. Interprofessional/cross boundary working for some staffing groups working Community Wards

12 Learners Challenges Overcrowded rooms. Noisy Environment Not enough space to work Lack of computer access Lone working issues. Increased amount of students in one area. Up skilling of staff. Competing priorities

13 Learners Benefits Students can be placed outside of normal hours Multi professional working and learning opportunities Collaborative working with partners. Hub and spoke placements. Improved overview of the patient journey

14 The future


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