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Accelerated Receivables Solutions

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1 Accelerated Receivables Solutions
We Make Your Cash Flow

2 Company History: Accelerated Receivables Solutions is founded as a credit bureau for the City of Scottsbluff. 1975- Gerald Laws, purchases ARS. 1988- Andy Laws joins ARS. 1991- David Laws joins ARS. Andy and David purchase the company. 1998- Stephen Laws joins the ARS ownership group. 1998- The 20,000 square foot building that ARS currently calls home is purchased. 2007- ARS boasts 50 employees

3 Company Information: ARS, has two company locations: Scottsbluff Nebraska, and Torrington, Wyoming. The Scottsbluff location is a 20,000 square foot facility. Separate entrances are utilized for employees, clients and debtors. These separate entrances provide security, and increase our HIPAA compliance. We have recently implemented Ontario Systems’ state of the art “Artiva” software system.

4 Company Management: Andy Laws - President and CEO.
He has nearly 20 years of experience in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Industry. He has held positions as National Director of the Nebraska Collectors Association, President of the Nebraska Collections Association, Director of the Colorado/Wyoming Collectors Association, and is additionally an ACA International Scholar. He holds more than 20 business related certificates, and is highly involved in numerous state and national associations. He currently serves on the National Ethics Committee.

5 Management Continued:
David Laws - Chief Operating Officer. He has been vital to the company's continued growth, helping expand the number of employees from 8 when he started, to the 50 currently employed. He is entirely customer driven, when working with clients. He stated, "Having an honest, friendly approach with our customers is key. I strive to use ethical motives and strongly believe in my personal development of a servant’s heart method when dealing with my fellow human beings."

6 Management Continued:
Stephen Laws - Chief Information Officer With a specialty in information services, he brings a great deal of knowledge of the collections industry to ARS, and its many clients. When it comes to working with customers, service is the top priority for Stephen. He says, "Without our customers we wouldn't be here. I feel we are business partners with all our customers rather than just a vendor they have working for them."

7 Legal Counsel: David Brostrom
He has held his license to practice law in Nebraska since 1989, and has been the in-house corporate counsel for ARS/MS since 1997. He has a bachelor’s degree from Minot State College, and holds a law degree from Creighton University. He is currently licensed to practice in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. Prior to joining ARS he worked as a private practice attorney. His business philosophy is simple: "The best deal for the customer, with the least risk of loss, and the highest potential for success, is my goal."

8 Company Vision, Mission, Purpose, Principles & Values:
Our Vision: We are the preeminent resource in the region for seeing the needs and strategically planning for implementation of profitable Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) solutions for business. Our Mission: To develop and improve our relationships with individuals, businesses, government and not-for profit leaders, in order to identify their needs and offer beneficial leading edge ARM solutions. Our Purpose: To provide consulting, continuing education, and ARM services to individuals, businesses, and government and not-for-profit organizations. This results in improved profits, production, and image for our clients, which allows all members of our organizations to improve their lives through diversification, expansion and appropriate profitability. Our Principles & Values: We are customer driven, with a “servant’s heart,” we have ethical motives, and we always operate an honest and friendly company.

9 Employees: Prior to employment, applicant references are checked, and all applicants are subject to a comprehensive drug screening. Upon hire account recovery specialists are required to complete Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) training through ACA International with a score of at least 92%. Employees are also required to fulfill the ACA requirements for Professional Telephone Collection Techniques (PTCT) training before they are eligible to recover accounts. Account recovery specialists are additionally trained on HIPPA and FDCPA privacy issues. This is accomplished through roll play and the review of company policies, regarding the 8 steps of a collection call.

10 PPMS We are currently nearing completion of ACA International’s Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification process. PPMS is a relatively new certification process, with less than 40 certified agencies world wide. PPMS requires the documentation of company policies and practices as they pertain to company service. This ensures all policies and practices are constantly being followed. The documentation process also includes the control of various company practices such as employee training, annual management reviews, identification of nonconformities, corrective action of nonconformities, and continuous improvement projects. Through this process we have the capability to easily identify areas of excellence and areas which need further attention.

11 Take S.T.O.C.K. in ARS: Security Technology Opportunity Communication

12 Security: Employees have separate entrances from everyone else conducting business with ARS. There is a secure interior door which remains locked keeping non-employees from entering the business areas of the building. Records are securely handled, and HIPAA compliance is maintained at all times. Data and information being received and recorded on the collection floor and in the processing center are securely transferred via our virtual private network.

13 Technology We utilize Artiva Legal system from Ontario Systems as our primary ARM tool. Artiva is state of the art software designed specifically to meet the needs of  third-party collection firms. We have additionally integrated Guaranteed Contacts system as our inbound/outbound predictive dialing system. It is designed to create a highly efficient and low-cost method of contacting debtors. 

14 Opportunity We view each of our clients as an opportunity to provide great customer service. Each debtor contacted is an opportunity for us to collect.

15 Communication: ARS aims to maintain frequent and effective communication with all our clients. This may occur through in- person contacts, telephone calls, letters, or even s. Our Artiva software allows us the flexibility to create reports for virtually any information requested at virtually any time interval.

16 Knowledge: The extensive training of our employees combined with the training and experience of our management provides a vast knowledge base for ARS. Continuing education is one of top priorities, and we view exceptional training as a key to our success.

17 Take S.T.O.C.K. in ARS Through our mastery of: Security, Technology,
Opportunity, Communication, and Knowledge You can be confident when you take S.T.O.C.K. in ARS!

18 References: Tracy Jatczat, CFO – Box Butte General Hospital, Alliance, Nebraska. Client since 2004 Marvin Neth, Administrator – Callaway District Hospital, Callaway, Nebraska. Client since 2004 Kim Hixon, CFO – Creighton Area Health Services, Creighton, Nebraska Client since 2005 Lana Webster, CFO/VP Finance - Great Plains Regional Medical Center, North Platte, Nebraska. Client since 2005 Mehdi Merred, Administrator - Quincy Valley Medical Center, Quincy, Washington Client since 2006

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