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Regional Weather Tracking Unit Portfolio Presentation Courtney Nielsen.

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1 Regional Weather Tracking Unit Portfolio Presentation Courtney Nielsen

2 Unit Summary Students are often fascinated with severe weather and what causes the different weather conditions we experience. This unit helps students understand the many factors that determine the weather in a particular location. Throughout the unit, students will work together to conduct investigations and track regional weather patterns across the country. Students will use their weather tracking data to create tables and graphs in Excel. Students will also be provided an online forum to share their data and to discuss what’s going on in their region compared to other regions. As a culminating activity, students will take on the role of a weather reporter and create a podcast to share with classmates.

3 Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Questions How do people respond to change? Unit Questions How does weather affect our lives? How do we study the weather? Content Questions What do the symbols on a weather map mean? What do we call a person who studies the weather? How do you measure temperature, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, and humidity? How do the weather conditions vary in different parts of the country?

4 Regional Weather Tracking This unit will help my students develop 21 st skills by: Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in work Understanding the interconnections among systems Framing, analyzing and synthesizing information in order to solve problems and answer questions Articulating thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing Exercising sound reasoning in understanding Using technology as a tool to research, evaluate and communicate information

5 Assessments Thinking Map Students will use a circle map to brainstorm everything they already know about weather. The purpose is to activate prior knowledge. Pre-Test A short multiple choice quiz will be given to assess students’ prior knowledge and ability. Excel Experience Thumbs up/thumbs down will be used to informally assess students’ prior experience using Excel. The teacher will use the pre-assessment to determine readiness for graphing project. Science Notebook Students make observations and record notes in their science notebook as they investigate weather conditions. Students complete scientific observations and reflections as prompted by the teacher. The teacher will review notebooks in order to check for understanding, clarify concepts, address misconceptions, and prompt deeper thinking. The teacher will use the data gathered from the science notebooks to pull small groups and either offer enrichment or remediation. Graph Rubric Students use the rubric to help them complete a line graph with the data gathered during their regional weather tracking. The teacher uses the rubric to assess their final graph. Weather Report Rubric Students use the rubric to help them through the research and presentation phase of the project. The teacher uses the rubric to assess content integration and oral presentation skills. Self-Reflection Students reflect on their presentation. They also reflect on the curriculum-Framing Questions throughout the unit. The teacher reviews the reflections to analyze student understanding and to gauge student’s metacognitive abilities. District Assessment This summative assessment will be used to measure student’s science content knowledge.

6 My Goals for the Unit Create a more comprehensive unit that targets the standards Challenge the students to use higher level and critical thinking skills Develop computer skills among my less proficient students/Provide enrichment for my more proficient users Share ideas with each other

7 Goals for My Students To learn how to measure weather conditions To learn how to interpret symbols on a weather map To understand the many factors that affect weather conditions To develop more independent learners

8 Request for Feedback Suggestions for implementing successful project-based learning (e.g., classroom management and technology skills).

9 Thank you!

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