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Financial Aid Financial aid provides money so you can continue your education.

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1 Financial Aid Financial aid provides money so you can continue your education.

2 The Types of Financial Aid Grants - based upon financial need and do not have to be repaid. Scholarships - based on talent and merit. Scholarships are provided by two main sources: colleges and private donors or organizations. Work- study - provides part time job for students to help pay their education expenses. Education loans - provide funds that must be repaid.

3 How Do I Apply For Financial Aid Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or Texas Application For State Financial Aid (TASFA) (FAFSA) is the application used for federal financial aid programs. The information that you and your parents provide on the FAFSA serves as the basis for determining your ability for federal student aid. This same form is often used to determine eligibility for state and college aid.

4 FAFSA Required for all federal assistance Free (Never pay anyone money to help you apply for financial aid) Some institution require and additional application. Check with your perspective college for their specific requirements

5 TASFA Texas Application for State Financial Aid is for students who are not eligible to complete the FAFSA because of citizenship. It is processed by the local institution. TASFA is not accepted by all colleges.

6 How much money can I get? Many factors go into determining your financial Award. Cost of attendance (COA) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Financial need

7 Cost of Attendance Each college determines its own COA, which includes estimates for tuition, fees, books, a computer, housing, transportation, personal expenses, and other cost. Private colleges and universities generally charge higher tuition than state-supported schools.

8 Expected Family Contribution: The information you provide on the FAFSA about your income, family size and the number in college is used to calculate the amount your family can afford to spend on college

9 FAFSA You should submit the FAFSA after January 1 of your senior year in high school and every January while you are in college. Missing your financial aid deadline may jeopardize the amount and type of aid your receive. Contact the college/universities to find out the financial aid deadline.

10 FAFSA Access the online FAFSA at

11 How Do I get My Money? Fill out the FAFSA Get a Pin Contact college for other forms Compare financial aid packages Accept Awards Fill out paperwork

12 Your Award Letter In June the aid office sends you an award letter, listing the types of aid and amounts of aid the college can afford. you can accept or decline any part of the award, but need to tell the college your decision, signing and returning the award letter.

13 Get You Electronic Pin Go to With your pin, you can : – Sign the FAFSA on the Web electronically, – Check your application status at the US Department of Education, and – Make corrections, if necessary

14 Tips See your school counselor about the local scholarships. The generic application is posted on the GISD website. Contact your school counselor early to request a letter of recommendation. Provide your counselor with important information about you to include in your letter of recommendation.

15 Take control of your life, make a plan, and work hard. Your future is now.

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