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THURAYA Proprietary Information1 The Role of Satellite Telecommunications in Bridging the Digital Divide Mohamed Al Ghanim Senior Manager Product Management.

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1 THURAYA Proprietary Information1 The Role of Satellite Telecommunications in Bridging the Digital Divide Mohamed Al Ghanim Senior Manager Product Management

2 THURAYA Proprietary Information2 Plan of Action WSIS-Convergence to connect villages with ICTs and establish community access points to connect universities, colleges, secondary schools and primary schools with ICTs to ensure that all of the world's population have access to television and radio services to connect health centres and hospitals with ICTs to ensure that more than half the world’s inhabitants have access to ICTs within their reach

3 THURAYA Proprietary Information3 Convergence-Close the gap TelecomMedia IT Convergence is driven by technology: One Terminal, One Coverage, All Services

4 THURAYA Proprietary Information4 Recent Trends  The world is witnessing a Convergence Revolution in the cellular mobile field whereby all the services (Telecom, Internet, TV, Pictures, E-Commerce, Billing, etc) are being / will be provided through a single handheld terminal (Multimedia Terminal);  The existing differentiation that exists between different satellite systems (fixed, broadcasting and mobile) is being erased slowly and in some cases has already been eliminated;  Mobile Satellite Technology as a complementary part of the cellular terrestrial technology is also part of the this convergence revolution;  The current trend is towards miniaturized and customized subscriber equipment.

5 THURAYA Proprietary Information5 Recent Trends  The existing different type of satellite systems (Broadcasting, Fixed and Mobile) provides diverse communication and entertainment related services such as Voice Telephony, TV, Radio, Low and High Speed Data, Internet, Position Location, etc;  Each and every satellite system provides a single set of services be it broadcasting (TV, Radio, etc), Fixed (Voice, Data, Internet) and Mobile (Voice, Data and Internet through portable terminals) however the existing trend is to provide diverse and multiple set of services through a satellite system to a single handheld terminal

6 THURAYA Proprietary Information6 Role of Thuraya  Thuraya is a trendsetter in the area of convergence of different technologies in the field of Satellite Communications;  Thuraya terminals incorporate both the satellite mode and the currently most prevalent cellular standard GSM along with the capability to provide location update through inbuilt GPS receiver;  The Thuraya Satellite System supports Voice Communications, Facsimile, Low and High Speed Data, GPRS based services (near future), GPS capability, etc;  The Thuraya system could be used to provide Multi-purpose Telecom Centers that could provide Telecom (Voice, Fax, etc), IT (Internet connectivity) and Media (through Internet); Multi mode handheld terminals Translates into multi purpose utility

7 THURAYA Proprietary Information7 Role of Thuraya Thuraya facilitates its customers by providing the following:  100% connectivity within the coverage area;  Single Universal Number;  Roaming in around 160 GSM networks (more are under process);  Affordable Call rates;  Customized solutions for different environments (Home/Office and Vehicular docking units, maritime units, etc;

8 THURAYA Proprietary Information8 Role of Thuraya – Effective & Flexible Mobile Communications  Thuraya complements Terrestrial Cellular Mobile Telephony by extending the reach of communication links to areas that does not have existing telecom infrastructure including remote and hilly areas, deserts, maritime, etc;  Thuraya provides the additional flexibility in movement of the users in a vast geographic region irrespective of GSM coverage

9 THURAYA Proprietary Information9 The role of Thuraya – Local Presence  Thuraya has local Service Providers / Distributors in nearly all Arab countries thereby providing customer support in close proximity;  Thuraya has commercially operational roaming agreements with mobile operators in Arab countries enhancing the effectiveness of mobile communications;

10 THURAYA Proprietary Information10

11 THURAYA Proprietary Information11 Status of ICT Development in Arab Countries The figures regarding ICT infrastructure in the Arab region as a whole are as following: Population (in M) (ITU figures) 276.20 GDP per capita (in USD) (ITU figures) 2,180.00 Main lines per 100 inhabitants (2001 figures)8.2% No. of mobile /100 inhabitants (2001 figures) 6%

12 THURAYA Proprietary Information12 Thuraya’s Role in ICT Development as a Satellite Operator Thuraya is more focused on a regional market that lacks basic telecom infrastructure as against global market. Thuraya provides customized and innovative solutions for different market segments i.e., such as PCO’s, payphones, maritime applications, etc Thuraya has recently launched payphone pilot projects in a number of countries within its coverage area. Thuraya offers low subscriber tariff in view of economic situation and affordability of the target market Increased cooperation with the national telecom entities for the implementation of Universal Access and Rural ICT infrastructure Development.

13 THURAYA Proprietary Information13 Convergence and Regulations Changes in communications technology and convergence between Telecom, IT and Media need a faster policy response. The era where distinctions between different sectors were clear has elapsed Convergence will increasingly blur all the distinctions between services, satellites are able to deliver any service to any platform, person, and location Separate Acts continue to govern telecommunications, radio communications and broadcasting. Convergence of law, regulations or policy is needed The pace of technological change in media and communications will increase further in the near future and will need Regulatory Convergence

14 THURAYA Proprietary Information14 We help people get connected……..Thank You... Source AFP

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