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8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Indus Valley, Inc. One Stop Solution to Medical Transcription.

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1 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Indus Valley, Inc. One Stop Solution to Medical Transcription

2 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Contents About Us Why Indus Valley? Security and Confidentiality Experience and Trial Process How to send dictation Word Processor, templates and storage Advantage Indus Valley, Inc. Instructions, Terms and Policy Charges and Payment Schedule

3 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Indus Valley, Inc. Indus Valley has been providing quality Medical Transcription Service to its various clients in USA and is enjoying a great deal of success. We are into Medical Transcription Services from last four years and serving all kind of transcription for hospitals and clinics. Satisfied Indus Valley clients enjoy service delivery with "old-fashioned" values fused with 21st-century technology. Indus Valley is committed to serve customer round the clock, seven days a week.

4 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Why Indus Valley? If you've experienced delayed turnaround, lost dictation, poor quality and mystery charges, we will give the service that makes the difference for you. For clients who require precise word-for-word transcription, Indus Valley, guarantees more than 98 percent voice file character-based accuracy. (We also adhere to higher accuracy subject to certain requirements.) Indus Valley ensures that completed reports will be professionally edited, adhere to the proper format, sentence structure, grammar and spelling with all required data fields completed.

5 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Continued.. We ensure that the completed report will accurately reflect the meaning intended by the dictating physician. Indus Valley ensures that the completed report will comply to the AAMT Book of Style, unless otherwise specified. Rapid Turnaround: Indus Valley, ensures that all the reports are delivered within the specified turnaround time depending on the priority of the report.

6 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Security and Confidentiality Indus Valley Inc. meets and exceeds all the HIPPA norms and guidelines. We provide secure FTP, with each clients having his own user name and password to access their own directory. No one can log-in into clients accounts and spy the sensitive patients information. All the reports are password protected. All security procedures are strictly monitored, in order to ensure doctors and patient confidentiality. Staff involved in transcription and proof reading are trained to maintain the confidentiality of the patient record.

7 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Experience and Trial We have experience in almost all the fields of Medicine, and we are geared-up with all the resource to handle any kind of transcription. We have all the facilities required for carrying out world class transcription at our working center. We have several clients from different parts of the USA, who belongs to different areas of medicine and are practicing as: Clinics Nursing Homes Surgery centers Hospitals Nursing Services Nurse Practitioners Private practices We invite you to experience our Transcription Service by sending your sample dictation, which we shall be happy to transcribe free of cost* (Sample transcription is limited to maximum of 500 lines of trial transcription of given sample audio or 3 day trial which ever is less)

8 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Process We provide one-to-one service ensured through a well defined process covering every stage of its activities. This combines the best of contemporary management techniques incorporating the following features: Pre- and post- review Cross functional teams Continuous improvement and constant learning to optimize the organization's ability This enable us to effectively leverage available talent, knowledge and experience.

9 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Process Continued We constantly re-engineer the transcription process to accommodate ourselves with the advances in computer, networking and digital technology. We believe in accuracy and pay attention to every detail which we believe are the most important factors in the field of Medical Transcription. Variations in speech patterns, various English accents and dialects, as well as continuous development in the lexicon of the medicine and technology requires specialized and expertise with continuous evolution of the process. We are committed to ensuring all these changes in our best practices and ensure transcription accuracy.

10 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA How to send dictation Physician needs Dictaphone to record their dictation Once the dictation is complete, download dictation on the computer With the help of FTP manager, like cute FTP or WS FTP, or through Microsoft Internet Explorer, Audio can be uploaded to our FTP. We will educate doctors on the ways to access FTP using Internet Explorer. Clients if they are not feeling comfortable with working of FTP, they may send audio through Email attachment. We accept all digitized audio formats for audio dictation like, wave, MP3, DSS, DVF, or any other formats. We are not currently providing facility of 1-800 numbers.

11 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Word Processor, templates and storage Completed documents can be delivered in MS Word format, Open Office Org format or Corel Word Perfect format. We can use any word processor program to comply to the clients requirement. We take customize templates, or we can create one as per the requirement of client. Indus Valley, shall electronically archive all the transcribed reports indefinitely, unless instructed otherwise by client.

12 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Advantage Indus Valley Inc. By outsourcing your work to Indus Valley you will be benefited by the 12 hours of lag time between the two countries. By uploading your back office transcription work while leaving office, you are ensured of getting completed work next morning, before you resume your work. Indus Valley working center is at Bangalore, the IT Capital of India, which is the best location to meet the better turn around time and quality services by a highly educated, technically efficient and proficient work force. We are geared to undertake sudden increase in work- load.

13 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Instructions, Terms and Policy Indus Valley will train the clients in proper procedures for using its dictation equipment, dictation transmission procedures, as necessary. Clients will inform Service Provider of the minimum and maximum workload expected per day, weekend assignments, etc. so that Indus Valley could organize its resources properly to meet the work load, in advance. Indus Valley understand that minimum and maximum are an estimate and not guaranteed work, as client is only able to send work when work is received.

14 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Instructions The Client will be responsible for correctly entering the proper ID codes, patient, and report codes into the dictation system. When the client sends a dictation as a priority item, he will be responsible for paying the priority billing rates on the final transcribed document. Clients is instructed, in order to ensure a high-quality recorded dictation, and thus reducing the amount of time spent on correction, whenever possible, to organize their thoughts prior to commencing dictation, speak clearly into the Dictaphone, carefully spell out the names of the patients, doctors, new drugs, etc., and include all the pertinent pieces of identification (dates, patient number, address etc.) in his or her dictation.

15 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Errors and Omissions Due to the many variables involved in the process of converting dictation from voice to text, there will be times when a patch of unclear dictation needs to be filled in or certain terms may need to be corrected. In such instances blanks spaces will be left in the transcribed document. The dictator is ultimately responsible for proofreading each document. When information such as the patients medical record number, the date of a procedure, etc., has not been provided by the dictator, it will be clients responsibility to manually enter such data into the transcribed document.

16 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Editing and corrections If the dictator wishes to make extensive editorial revisions to a document, additional charges will be taken for word processing. The final responsibility for all text rests with the dictator. In the event of a malpractice claim or lawsuit, Indus Valley cannot and will not be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions. Client will notify Indus Valley of corrections that are consistent and Indus Valley will make an effort to listen to error issues and make the appropriate changes. Indus Valley represent that it will be available to Client, if needed, to answer questions and/or consultations. Indus Valley liability under this service agreement shall be limited solely and exclusively to the correction of typographical errors. The Client has to agrees to submit requests for changes due to errors within 7 days of delivery of final document.

17 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Charges and Payment Schedule Our charges are on per line basis, according to the voice quality of the dictation. Accounts will be computed two times every month, and Invoice will be emailed to Clients every 1 st and 15 th day of every month. Clients need to send payment within 7 days of receipt of Invoice. We prefer to receive payment through wire transfer. In case, Client is not able to send wire transfer, we on occasion can accept crossed check send through express mail service. We shall provide Clients SWIFT Code of our account where they can make payment in a proper way. All the checks and wire transfer are payable to Indus Valley Inc.

18 8 July 2006 © Indus Valley, Inc. Bangalore, INDIA Contact Us Indus Valley, Inc. #588, I FLOOR, II BLOCK DR. RAJKUMAR ROAD BANGALORE – 560 010 I N D I A Phone:+91 80 65701774 Fax:+91 80 41537096 Mobile:+91 80 98860 24388 Web:http://www.indusvalleyinc.com

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