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WELCOME An introduction to your Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

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1 WELCOME An introduction to your Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

2 The EFAP is a voluntary, bilingual and confidential service that provides eligible employees and family members:  valuable information & resources  professional short-term telephonic counselling services EMPLOYEE & FAMILYASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EFAP) EMPLOYEE & FAMILYASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EFAP)

3  Confidential - No one will know that the employee is using the EFAP.  For Eligible Employees & their Dependents (e.g., those entitled to benefits).  Short-term, goal-oriented information and counselling. THE EFAP IS…

4 Getting help through the EFAP is easy, convenient and confidential English language services: 1-800-268-5211 1-800-363-6270 (TDD - for hearing impaired) Service en français : 1-800-363-3872 ATS: 1-800-263-8035 (personnes malentendantes) or Visit us at Accessible 24/7/365

5 WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS  One-on-one consultation and support from trained professionals.  Information and resource services to address questions or concerns on a wide array of topics.  Web-based information via the “Members Only” site at WHAT DOES THE EFAP PROVIDE?

6 Expectant and New Parents  Family Leave Program The book “What to Expect the first year” Resource material for new parents Employment Insurance form Childcare  Choosing the right Caregiver  Day care and Sick care Centres  Holiday and Weekend Options  Emergency Care  After School programs WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

7 Children and Adults with Special Needs  Information & resources on various disorders  Testing & assessment information  Finding gifted & talented programs School Age Decisions  School Selection  Specialized programs for computer skills, sports, art and more Practical Parenting  Home management – time guides  Disciplining your children  Single parenting WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

8 YouthLine  For parents, teens & young adults  Information, support and an objective point of view on topics from relationships to career planning Homecare  Caring for partners or older relatives  Information on – and access to –free, subsidized and private services in your community Eldercare Services  Master’s level Eldercare Specialists  Retirement Homes  Specialized geriatric assessments WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

9 Marriage Information  The book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work  Information & strategies for making a marriage work  Coping with Separation Kit Legal Advisory  Practical legal advice from an experienced lawyer, or referral to a local lawyer if required  Family law, creating a will, small claims court, custody matters,  Financial issues WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

10 Career Advisory  Career Planning/Redirection  Job Search  Stress/Work-Life Issues Financial Advisory  Debt Management  Budgeting  Education on RRSPs, RESPs, insurance products, investment information & basic tax issues WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

11 Nutritional Counselling  Support from Registered Dieticians  Nutritional assessment & consultation Smoking Cessation  20 year researched program  Includes educational materials, clinical assessment, self analysis, customized cessation strategies & relapse prevention techniques WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS cont…

12 WORKLIFE ONLINE  Accessible via ‘Members Only’ login page:  Employees can access: Information on wide array of mental/emotional health topics Reference materials in the form of books, articles and web links Frequently asked questions about EFAP  Online appointment request form username: athabasca1password: university

13  Short-term, confidential telephonic counselling.  National network of experienced counsellors.  Accessible face-to-face or telephonically.  Crisis counselling available 24/7/365. PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLING WHAT DOES MY EFAP PROVIDE?

14 COMMON COUNSELLING ISSUES  Stress Management  Couple/Family Issues  Work-related Issues  Bereavement  Health Issues  Depression/Anxiety  Children’s Issues  Alcohol/Drug Misuse  Other Addictions  Crisis Counselling

15 Access to the EFAP service is VOLUNTARY and CONFIDENTIAL

16 HOW CONFIDENTIAL IS THE EFAP? Employee participation, as well as the nature and content of member discussions with the counsellor, is… CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION  Information is transmitted only with written, legal consent  Files are securely kept at the EFAP office  Appointments are arranged to promote anonymity wherever possible  counsellors do not provide back-to-back sessions with employees from the same company  front and rear entrances in many counselling offices  Professional code of ethics is followed  Counsellors belong to professional associations that are governed by a code of ethics

17 FEATURES OF YOUR EFAP…. PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL HELP  Courteous, bilingual Client Care Representatives answer employee calls and coordinate the EFAP service.  Professional multi-disciplinary team of WorkLife Specialists and EFAP Counsellors who have at minimum a Masters degree and an average of 15 years clinical experience. QUALITY SERVICE  95% of all problems brought to the EFAP can be effectively resolved within the EFAP.  Accessible Client Care Access Centre that is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.  Flexible Appointments - day & evening appointments available. SUPPORTIVE APPROACH TO COUNSELLING  Short-Term Counselling  Problem-Solving/Solution-Focused Counselling

18 SPECIALIZED REFERRALS SPECIALIZED REFERRALS (Approximately 5% of all cases that come to the EFAP are referred to an outside resource) WHEN?  If hospital based treatment is required (e.g., medication needs)  Situations involving chronic/severe drug and alcohol abuse (e.g., detox or residential treatment needs)  For unique problem types (e.g., phobias, eating disorders requiring a specialized professsional) WHERE?  Referral to a community-based/public resource  Or private practice WHO COVERS THE COST?  The employee is responsible for any related costs referral services

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