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Group Advisement Economic Crime Investigation The First Two Years.

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1 Group Advisement Economic Crime Investigation The First Two Years

2 The Basic Requirements General Education Core Liberal Arts (63 credits; half of your total course work; this is a separate requirement) Major Courses Major-Related Courses Concentration Courses Total of 126 credits

3 The First Semester ENG 101 Written Communication I (Core) CRJ 101Criminal Justice Research Methods CRJ 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice PSY 101Introduction to Psychology (Core) Oral Communications Requirement in Core Computer Use Requirement in Core

4 Oral Communications Requirement Either COM 101 Interpersonal Communication OR COM 103 Intro to Public Speaking OR THE 136 Elements of Acting

5 Computer Use Core Requirement You may: Seek an exemption; OR Select either: CSC 117Microcomputers and Application Software CSC 118The Internet: Information Retrieval and Organization

6 The First Semester Fine, Visual, and Performing Arts Requirement (Select One) FIA 115 Introduction to Art FIA 245 History of Art I FIA 246 History of Art II MUS 115 Introduction to Music MUS 226 History of Music THE 121 Introduction to Theatre

7 The Second Semester ENG 102Written Communication II (Core) Quantitative Reasoning Core Requirement Foreign Languages Core Requirement SOC 151Human Society (Core) ECN 131Principles of Microeconomics (Major related)

8 Quantitative Reasoning Core Requirement Based on placement test, either MAT 100 Basic Mathematics, or MAT 104 Intermediate Algebra, or MAT 131Plane Trigonometry, or MAT 151Pre-Calculus MAT 201 Calculus I

9 Quantitative Reasoning Core Requirement (Part II) Select ONE of the following: MAT 112Statistics PSY 211Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences ECN 241Statistics

10 Foreign Language Core Requirement Foreign Language Requirement -- One year of foreign language, unless exempt French 101-102Italian 101-102 German 101-102Spanish 101-102 Arabic 101-102

11 The Third Semester SOC 274Criminology Quantitative Reasoning Requirement in Core Literature Requirement in Core Natural Sciences Requirement (lab course) Concentration Course

12 Literature Core Requirement Literature Requirement ENG 135Introduction to Literature OR ENG 195American Literature and Culture

13 Natural Sciences Requirement (Lab) BIO 111Human Ecology OR BIO 211General Biology I OR CHE 211General Chemistry I OR GOL 225General Geology OR PHY 151General Physics

14 Concentration Courses Financial Investigation: ACC 201Financial Accounting Computer Security: CSC 101Computer Science I CSC 201Discrete Mathematics I

15 The Fourth Semester Natural Science Core Requirement (Non-Lab) Philosophy Core Requirement Social Science Core Requirement Fine, Visual, and Performing Arts Core Requirement Concentration Course

16 Natural Science Non-Lab Select one of the following BIO 111Human Ecology BIO 112Human Sexuality BIO 113Human Genetics CHE 103 Chemistry and Society ENV 201 Introduction to Environmental Issues GOL 105Society, Earth, and the Environment GOL 115Elementary Oceanography PHY 116Astronomy: A Study of the Universe PHY 123 Physics for Liberal Arts

17 Philosophy Requirement ENG 103Introduction to the English Language PHI 101Critical Thinking PHI 103Problems in Philosophy PHI 104Philosophy of Religion PHI 105History of Ancient Philosophy PHI 106History of Modern Philosophy PHI 107Ethics PHI 108Professional Ethics

18 Social Science Core Requirement HIS 125America and the World HIS 135Africa & the Atlantic World HIS 145Asia & the World HIS 165Europe & The World ANT 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANT 251 Native American Culture and History SOS 101Introduction to Black Studies ECN 141Principles of Macroeconomics IST 101World Regional Geography GOV 101Introduction to Politics and American Government

19 Fine, Visual and Performing Arts Core Requirement FIA 115Introduction to Art FIA 245History of Art I FIA 246History of Art II MUS 115Introduction to Music MUS 245History of Music I MUS 246History of Music II THE 115Introduction to Theatre

20 Concentration Courses Financial Investigation: ACC 202Managerial Accounting Computer Security: CSC 201Discrete Mathematics I

21 The Fifth Semester GOV 341 Jurisprudence of the Criminal Law CRJ 333 Information Security SOC 376 Criminological Research Methods Concentration Courses

22 Financial Investigation: ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I FIN 333Corporation Finance Computer Security: CSC 303Computer Organization and Programming CSC 316Object-Oriented Programming

23 Sixth Semester CRJ 334Economic Crime Investigation CRJ 343Law of Economic Crime Liberal Arts Elective Concentration Course Elective

24 Concentration Course Financial Investigation: ACC 302Intermediate Accounting II Computer Security: CSC 323Introduction to Networks

25 Seventh Semester CRJ 335Cybercrime Law and Investigations CRJ 461Senior Seminar Liberal Arts Elective Elective Concentration Course

26 Financial Investigation: ACC 406Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing Computer Security: CSC 432Computer and Network Security CRJ 435Computer Forensics

27 Eighth Semester If you did what you were supposed to do: CRJ 470ECI Internship AND THEN YOU ARE DONE!!!!

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