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.NET Framework V3.0 Mike Taulty Developer & Platform Group Microsoft Ltd

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1 .NET Framework V3.0 Mike Taulty Developer & Platform Group Microsoft Ltd

2 Most Applications… Communication Data Logic Security Presentation

3 .NET Framework V3.0 Superset of 2.0 Same V2.0 Runtime Same V2.0 Compilers Visual Studio 2005

4 Windows Presentation Foundation Next generation user experience CardSpace Digital identity management Windows Workflow Foundation Business process modeling Windows Communication Foundation Service-oriented development Declarative Development Unification Simplification

5 Declarative Development - XAML eXtensible Application Markup Language XAML usage Compiled to produce executable code Dynamically loaded (parsed or pre-parsed) Customer c = new Customer(); c.Id = 1234; Account account = new Account(); Account.Number = 5678; c.Accounts.Add(account); Code XAML

6 CardSpace Technology that simplifies and improves the safety of online login and authentication

7 CardSpace

8 Private desktop Separate user context Protects against hacking Self-issued cards Non-corroborated Stored locally Managed cards Corroborated Stored at STS

9 WS-* Web Services CardSpace User Relying Party Identity Provider

10 Authenticating with CardSpace CardSpace is an identity "metasystem" Built on open standards Policy (need mailing address as issued by Identity Provider) Filter & Select Request Token User Relying Party Identity Provider

11 Windows Communication Foundation Distributed Applications Programming model Unification of existing capabilities Standards support Richness of metadata Extensibility

12 Programming model


14 Unification of existing capabilities Basic, Open Comms ASMX Ent Services Secure, Transactional WSE Secure, Open Comms Sys.Messaging MSMQ, Txns, Queuing Fast, Secure, Binary Remoting

15 Standards support Standards-based interoperability with WS-* Web services

16 Richness of metadata Service can advertise a lot of info to a client WSDL WS-Policy (security etc) Can do so over HTTP WS- MetadataExchange Makes building “clients” a lot simpler Service Contracts Endpoints

17 Windows Communication Foundation

18 Programming model, engine and tools for building workflow-enabled applications Windows Workflow Foundation

19 EX: Check Inventory EX: Escalate To Manager A Set Of Activities That Coordinates People And / Or Software... Like a flowchart…. Or a state diagram…. Sequential Workflow Sequential structure Prescribes processing order Step1 Step2 State Machine Workflow External events drive processing order State2 State1 Event Rules + data state drive processing order Rules-driven Activities Rule1 Rule2 Data Step2 Step1 Windows Workflow Foundation

20 Workflow Designer

21 Windows Workflow Foundation

22 Windows Presentation Foundation Very rich user “experiences”Very rich user “experiences” User InterfaceUser Interface DocumentsDocuments MediaMedia Making best use of hardwareMaking best use of hardware Both designers & developersBoth designers & developers

23 Designers design With XAML designers & developers can streamline their collaboration Developers add business logic Windows Presentation Foundation


25 Core component of Windows Vista Down-level Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Consistent development experience Q2Q3Q1 2006 Q2Q4Q1 2005 Q3Q4 B1CTP V1 RTM.NET Framework Schedule

26 Where Next?.NET Framework V3.0

27 Tuesday, 28 th November Martin Parry Developing for the Office 2007 “Client” Afternoon of the 28 th November Martin Parry Developing for the Office 2007 “Client” Afternoon of the 28 th November

28 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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