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Multilingualism in teaching Mobile learning Community learning

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1 Multilingualism in teaching Mobile learning Community learning
Common European Principles for Teacher Competences and Qualifications. A lead in activity … Multilingualism in teaching Mobile learning Community learning Marilena Beltramini

2 Activity in view of … PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS
educational system multilingual society language = central role in a person’s identity feeling of belonging he/she who knows three or more languages uses each of these languages in different contexts, for different purposes and at varying levels of proficiency PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS teacher’s awareness and adjustment of teaching a multicultural curriculum to plan a sharing system of discourse worlds among the various languages

3 STEPS OF ACTIVITY to meet - analyse - discuss - plan - experiment - reframe
Brainstorming Input on document (relying on background Knowledge) Discussion (forum) Reading document Knowledge reorganization (etutor) Sharing of Knowledge (member/s of the course provides a .pdf or .word summary)

4 What challanges for the teacher?
BRAINSTORMING What challanges for the teacher? Consider Football and Language Learning euronews - agora - Bridge or barrier? Language Learning & Web 2.0 Working with videos

5 Sharing reflection…. The common European principles for
teacher competences and qualifications Teachers = key players in supporting the learning experience of young people and adult learners the evolution of education systems in the implementation of the reforms which can make the European Union the highest performing knowledge-driven economy in the world by 2010. Teachers share values of inclusiveness the need to nurture the potential of all learners to improve society the role of advancing human potential and shaping future generations

6 The European Union needs teachers to
view their role, their lifelong learning and career development as key priorities respond to the evolving challenges of the knowledge society to participate actively in society to prepare learners to be autonomous lifelong learners to reflect on the processes of learning and teaching through an ongoing engagement with: subject knowledge curriculum content pedagogy innovation research the social and cultural dimensions of education

7 Teacher education needs to be at a higher education level
be supported by strong partnerships between higher education and the institutions play a key role in preparing learners for their role as EU citizens be able to recognise and respect different cultures, be able to identify shared common values be supported by coherent national or regional policies

8 The Common European Principles for Teacher Competences and Qualifications
a graduate profession a mobile profession a profession placed within the context of lifelong learning a profession based on partnerships European Profile for Language Teacher Education

9 THE KEY COMPETENCES work with information, technology and knowledge
Watch the video Did you Know? work with their fellow human beings – learners, colleagues and other partners in education Watch the video Modern Foreign Languages - It's A Rap work with and in society - at local, regional, national, European and broader global levels Watch the video Multilingualism is a life style for all

10 Recommendations to national and regional policy makers
Focus for our course Opportunities to study European languages, including the use of specialist vocabulary, during initial teacher education and in continuous professional development programmes should be available and promoted. Priority should be given to developing greater trust and transparency of teacher qualifications within Europe to allow for mutual recognition and increased mobility. Read the full text Resources

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