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Advertising Management

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1 Advertising Management
Chapter 6 with Duane Weaver

2 OUTLINE Advertising Management Choosing an Ad Agency
Advertising Planning and Research Role of Ad Agency Account Execs Role of Ad Agency Creatives Communication Market Analysis Communications Budget Creative Brief

3 Advertising Management
Advertising Management Program: …process of preparing and integrating a company’s advertising efforts within the overall IMC message… Advertising Strategy Media Selection Message Strategy Appeals Executional Framework

4 Choosing an Ad Agency Advertising Expenditure: Media Time/Space, Ad Agency Commission, Media Production (big vs. small advertising accounts) Get together in your teams and select a “product” or “service” you might want to promote…then: thinking about your market competition and the relevant strategic message you might want to employ… define the “criteria” you think would be most important in selecting your advertising agency. Summarize and be prepared to discuss your findings with the class.

5 Advertising Planning and Research
Getting together with the Ad Agency to develop the campaign: Pre-planning Input Get to know the company (books, research, product use, people) Product-specific Research Consumer testing – “problem detection” and “major selling idea” - Strengths and Weaknesses Qualitative Research Focus Group Studies with market segment representation: anthropology (direct observation) sociology (social issues, trends, cohorts, family cycles) psychology (motivation, cognition, and learning)… VALS – psychological model to predict buyer behavior… Personal Drive Analysis (PDA)

6 Role of Ad Agency Account Execs
Solicit Client Liaison between client and creative (interpretation and management of strategic plan, information collection and dissemination, relationship connectivity) Provide status opportunities to facilitate client comprehension on the value of expenditures Manage the sales process and revenue stream

7 Role of Ad Agency “Creatives”
Those that develop the actual Ad May involve: Creative Director Artisans Graphic Artists Agency Staff or Free Lancers Tend to work long hours under pressure (deadlines) and repetition/reiteration of concept development

8 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: 1. Communication Market Analysis
Competitive Analysis Opportunity Analysis Target Market Analysis (proposed client base) Customer Analysis (current client base) Positioning Analysis (current and intended perception review) Media Usage Analysis (target market and related competitive media employed)

9 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: 2. Communication Objectives
Define Advertising Goals E.g.: Building Brand Image Informing Persuading Encourage Action Integration of other marketing efforts

10 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: 3. Communications Budget
Budget Allocation based on objectives Looking at Reach/Frequency and Timing Reach Frequency Timing _ pulsate, flighting, continuous

11 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: 4. Media Selection
Strategic and Tactical decisions: Message refinement Advert design & development (can be long process) Media tools and Media spot buys

12 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: 5. Creative Brief
Objective Target Audience Message Theme Support (evidence) Constraints (legal, regulatory, physics-reality)

13 Team Challenge Thinking of the product/service you choose previously when selecting your ad agency…get together in your groups and come up with: Intended Message Target Market within Nanaimo Communication Objectives Allocation of $40,000 Ad Budget Description what media the competition in Nanaimo currently uses Define proposed Media Tools you would use and why those might work for your target market Next week…share your findings with the class

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