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Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

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1 Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans
MARKETING MANAGEMENT Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

2 The Value Delivery Process

3 Improving: The Japanese Way
0 customer feedback time 0 product improvement time 0 setup time purchasing time 0 defects

4 A North American example?

5 SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

6 Core Competencies A source of competitive advantage
Applications in a wide variety of markets Difficult to imitate

7 Mission Statement Focus on limited number of goals
Stress major policies and values Define major competitive spheres

8 3 V’s Approach to Marketing
Define the value segment Define the value proposition Define the value network

9 Starbucks

10 Tim Horton’s

11 Second Cup

12 Porter’s Generic Strategies
Overall Cost Leadership Differentiation Focus Michael Porter Harvard University

13 Marketing Plan Contents
Executive summary Table of contents Situation analysis Marketing strategy Financial projections Implementation controls

14 Evaluating a Marketing Plan
Is the plan simple? Is the plan specific? Is the plan realistic? Is the plan complete?

What is Fossil’s Brand Strategy? What is their “value” proposition? What is their potential for the future? What should they be sure to do with their marketing?

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