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BT Mobile 2.0 Roma, 13 settembre 2007. 1 BT’s mobility journey Current evolution (wireless access to company’s applications ) Increasing data connections.

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1 BT Mobile 2.0 Roma, 13 settembre 2007

2 1 BT’s mobility journey Current evolution (wireless access to company’s applications ) Increasing data connections Increasing intra-communities communications (clients, employees, suppliers) Rapid evolution of handsets & access technologies Traditional (separate fixed and mobile worlds) Real Time Communications Network availability Voice and Messaging Communications Mobile 2.0 (UCC) Value added services, Collaboration, Presence, Messaging, Conferencing Higher Productivity and breaking down of technological barriers Integration and Convergence of services, platforms and technologies Evolution

3 2 What is Mobile 2.0 ? Seamless communications (neutrality of access and device): you don’t need to worry about where you are or what you have to use to effectively communicate. Same User Experience: you can use a fixed phone, a Soft-phone or a mobile Phone with the same functionalities, profile and usability Customer Centricity: you decide how you want to be reached Wider Communications Experiences: you efficiently exploit the widest range of ways to communicate (fixed mobile voice, email, instant messaging, sms, audio video conferencing, collaboration)

4 3 Mobile’s role in BT service portfolio Fixed VoiceMobile VoiceMobile DataUnified Communications Mobile calling SMS & MMS Video calling Mobile conferencing Mobile voicemail Etc… Internet VPN access (Intranet) Backup Machine 2 Machine applications Etc… Fixed calling Fixed conferencing Fixed VAS Etc… Fixed voicemail Push email Integrated voicemail Presence Instant messaging Localization services Etc… Convergence The launch of mobile services allows BT to complete the BT Convergent proposition

5 4 Positioning and value proposition for BT: “Why MVNO?” BT Italy is well positioned in Italy as the only Telco Operator one hundred percent dedicated to the business market BT Italy is leader in offering convergent solutions (FMC, IP Telephony.; IP Centrex, UCC) BT already sell complex solutions to their customers by using their direct sales channel (top market) and indirect sales channels to reach SME and SOHO Many of our customers are asking for a full outsourcing of their telco services (including mobile services) There is a strong opportunity for BT to become the first Telco Operator in Italy, fully dedicated business market, with an integrated offer, both Mobile and Fixed, and with innovative and competitive convergent solutions

6 5 Negotiation background: “why Vodafone?” BT asked all MNOs to provide access to their mobile networks. Some of them were willing to negotiate; some of them refused to start talking. It has been defined a MoU with H3G which was however never signed February 27, 2007 BT Italia (“BT”) and Vodafone Italia (“VO”) entered into a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of enabling – through the provision of certain access services to VO network - BT to perform mobile services in its capacity of ESP(“MOU”).

7 6 High Level Project Plan 15/052007 End of 2007 LAUNCH User requi- rements 30//07207 Processes design Go-to-market Plan Processes and Systems Developments Network Developments 30/052007 Feasibility study Vendor Selection Hardware procurement Product Plan Sales plan Communicatio n Plan Communicatio n Plan Implementation Installation and test Network Design

8 7 Sometimes innovation is ineffective … 15 Attachments!! u there? Meetings All Day 20 E-Mails! “Have a Minute?” 5 Voicemails! Information Overload Too many devices Anywhere/anytime Technology Limits Disparate solutions Disparate access

9 8 Infrastructure PBX/Centrex Database Web Server DevicesPC Laptop PDA Telephone Why does BT make the difference ? Employees Customers Suppliers PartnersPeople Applications Enterprise Email LOB Apps Personal Managed Messagging AAI, OneSecurity Internet Data Center IP centrex Lan Management BT Business Voice VIP MPLS ………. Mobile Services IP Telephony MobileXpress Corporate Fusion A convergent and integrated approach for every Business Communications need

10 9 The concept At your Desk Branch Office Whatever you’re doing In the Air On the Road Audio Conferencing Head Office PC Mobile Phone PDA Wherever you are Whatever you’re using At Home Desk Phone Blackberry Contact Center, IVR Messaging, (email, IM, UM) Telephony Collaboration

11 10 Unif i ed Communications MPLS Data Infrastructure IP Enabled Voice Estate IP PABX’s IP Handsets Any-to-Any Class of Service Gigabit/s Converged Voice & Data (Network) Security LAN/WLAN VoIP Hosted IPT Converged Fixed & Mobile Converged Flexible Worker Site & Net FMC Home-worker Roaming Reduced Building Estate Messaging, Collaboration & Conferencing Web Audio Video Mail Voice mail Push Mail SMS Fax Instant Mess. Integrated Applications Greater Efficiency Traditional Data Infrastructure Traditional Voice Estate Private Line Frame Relay ATM PABX’s Voice VPN’s Key systems The path towards UCC is certainly complex and customers need to work with experienced partners

12 11 Bringing it all together

13 12 Bringing it all together

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