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EAC 417- International Management and Business in Brazil 2004 Exercise about Manifestation of Culture Prof. Dr. Edson Luiz Riccio.

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1 EAC 417- International Management and Business in Brazil 2004 Exercise about Manifestation of Culture Prof. Dr. Edson Luiz Riccio

2 Holland Symbols Orange, drop, tulips, cheese, windmills, legal soft- drugs, gezelligheid, poldermodel. Heroes Cruyf the Queen, Richard Krajicek, Wim Kole Rituals Queens day (and night), sinterklaas, Oranjegelete Values Very aware of our money (looking, but not buying), equality, hypocrite, gezelligheid, tolerate, bescheidenheid (modesty).

3 Colombia Symbols Saying Hi is Quiubo, trying to find the cheapest, chévere (word), Aguardiente, Carriel, Flag, National Soccer Team Shirt, Ruana(clothing), Chiva(transport), sancocho and ajiaco and bandeja paisa(food), Soap operas, coffee, sombrero volteado (object), guerrilla and civil war, pretty women, two oceans in one country. Heroes Pibe Valderrama (soccer player), Gabo- Gabriel Garcia Marquez (writer), Carlos Vives and Shakira and Juanes(musicians), Juan Pablo Montoya (F1 driver), Alvaro Uribe Velez (president of Colombia), Fernando Botero, Simon Bolivar

4 Colombia Rituals Carnaval de Barranquilla, Soccer, Fiestas de San Pedro (Neiva), Easter in Popayan, Fiesta do Mono Nuñez (Ginebra-Valle), Fiesta dos Brancos e Pretos, Ciclovia, Vallenato (Parrandas), Love and friendship day (september), Father´s day (june), Mother´s day (may), Independence day (20th July), new years eve celebration, go to church every Sunday. Values Kindness, Pride, Religious, Honesty, Hardworking, Amability, Humor, patriotism, cordiality, hospitality, simplicity, family (is very important), moral

5 Germany Symbols German companies, Brandenfages Gak, Reiclestag, Hag, eagle, winning World Cup 1954, old castles, german writes (Goethe, Schulbs), german cars, Siegessaule, Berliner Tor, Reichsadler. Heroes Franz Beckenbaus, Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kolel, football team from 1954, Goethe, Scheiller, Michael Schumacker, Bismarck.

6 Rituals Spending someday with family, coming from football, on weekend spending time with friends and drinking german beer, majority goes on somebody on to church, fathers day, family meal, Christmas, holidays, Oktoberfest. Values Punctuality, rules leave to be followed strictly, organization in all details, direct communication, work as an important past of life, strict division between work and leisure, to be honesty, do finish all the things. Germany

7 Canada Symbols Flag, authem, hockey, maple leaf. Heroes Superman, Spiderman. Rituals BBQ, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Values Honesty, directness, respect, tolerance, politeness.

8 France Symbols La Marseillaise, the French croissant, la Bastille, bread, wines, Les Champs (Elisées), la Tower Eiffel, the blue colors, la langue française, words (merci-not simple), gestures (speak with hands, 2 kisses), the French flag, la Marianne, cheese. Heroes General de Gaulle, François Mittérand, Asterix le Gaullois, Chaulemagne, Lancelot, Zidane, Nicolas Hulot, Jonnhy Halliday.

9 France Rituals 14th July march of army, football, christmas, bal des Pampiers, birthdays. Values Politeness, gastronomy, French cultural exception, french humour (cynism), French love, fashion, social securities, tolerance, French cinema (Gérard Depardieu).

10 Moroccan Symbols Monarchy, hospitality, cha de Hortelã, couscous. Heroes Monhamed V, Hassan II, Mohamed VI (kings), Hicham guerrauj (sportsman) Rituals Ramadan on other religious practices, weddings, Henné, Hammam. Values Religious, family (paternity), respect to elders.

11 Brazil Symbols Car, cell phone, v gestme with fingers of the hand, peace, friendly, play football, shaking hands informal situations, directness, touch in conversation, rice and beans every meal, soap operas, Daiane dos Santos, chimarrão, senhor do Bonfim´s fit, love, pets, soccer, happiness, Gisele Bundchen, Caipirinha, MPB, coffee, Havaianas, feijoada, women, amazonia, rio de janeiro, capoeira. Heroes Ayrton Senna, Ronaldo, Gustavo Kuerten, Buda, Machado de Assis, Chico Buarque, parents, Pele, Padre Cícero, Antonio Conselheiro, Lula (president), The Simpsons, Pica Pau, Barão de Mauá, Fernando Henrique, Daiane dos Santos.

12 Brazil Rituals University life, parties with eletronic music, hanging out with friends, Christmas eve, New years eve, going to beaches, work, bath, meal with te family gathered, friends meeting without planning, Carnival, Boi Bumbá, Brasileirão, Easter, games, pagode with beer and barbecue. Values Humble, friendly, honesty, kindness, loyalty, family, cooperation, ethic, to know what a person does and where he lives, happiness, Brazilian way of solve problems, study important, responsibility, committed, respect, money, famous, jeitinho brasileiro, be successful at work.

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