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DPH eHealth Projects Status Update September 2008 Vanessa Kapral, PHIN IT Manager Nancy Barrett, PHIN Coordinator.

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1 DPH eHealth Projects Status Update September 2008 Vanessa Kapral, PHIN IT Manager Nancy Barrett, PHIN Coordinator

2 Brief Project Summaries (Sept ‘08) Projects in Process Maven Program CT EDSS – Construct Phase –New application (Maven) installed at DOIT 3/14/08. –First “module” in production 7/7/08. –Roll out of additional modules with end date 12/31/09. CT EPHT – Construct Phase –Using same application as CT EDSS. –Testing Phase targeted for end of September 2008. –Production Phase targeted for October 2008. Health Alert Network (HAN) – Design Phase –RFP posted in May 2008 resulted in 3 vendor responses. –None of vendors met RFP criteria. –New plan to build HAN functionality into Maven (for local health use) with alerting pieces to use Reverse 911 and Web EOC. Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) – Define Business Issues –Vendor default on CEDSS application also impacted ELR. –DPH must reassess project scope, timeline, resources, etc. Once these are defined, the project can transition to Business Requirements Phase. –ELR is part of Maven program as laboratory results for reportable conditions will be parsed into Maven. Maven is HL7 message receipt capable. –Messaging components will be leveraged for other projects.

3 Brief Project Summaries (Sept ‘08) Projects in Process, cont. PHIN Messaging Program PHIN MS – Implementation Phase –The PHIN Messaging System tool allows secure ebXML transport of information between public health partners. –PHIN MS will be used by DPH to send notifiable and other information to the CDC. –An upgrade to the existing PHIN MS application is available and needs to be implemented on staging and production at DOIT. Orion Rhapsody™ - Construct Phase –The Rhapsody integration engine will allow DPH to transform message content so that information can be parsed with other applications, such at CT EDSS. –The first use of this system will be for Electronic Laboratory Reporting. –Installation on staging and production needs to be scheduled. NEDSS Brokering Tool – Construct Phase –The CDC has constructed a message brokering tool for use with Rhapsody to allow DPH to map local codes to standardized vocabulary as part of message transformation. –Tool needs to be installed.

4 Brief Project Summaries (Sept ‘08) Projects in Process, cont. SDWIS – Design Phase –EPA provided application but architecture does not confirm with State Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture Standards. –Determined that DPH will host application (a major upgrade to existing SDWIS application) and replicate data to DOIT for public web piece. –Project underwent SDM review on July 22. DOIT has requested costing information be included for project. Licensure -- Project has two phases: –Upgrade of Oracle database – Construct Phase Upgrade of existing Oracle database at DPH to Oracle 10g. Still in progress. –New application – Business Requirements Phase Draft RFP being circulated. Electronic Vital Record System – Define Business Issue Phase –Project has three inter-related phases with approved project charter. Migration of birth data into a single database – birth data from 1959 – 2008 migration complete (at DPH) On-line verification of vital events (EVVE) – EVVE application installed at DOIT and in implementation. New application for Vital Records -- still in Define Business Issues phase.

5 Brief Project Summaries (Sept ‘08) Projects ON HOLD CIRTS – ON HOLD –Last build of application failed to perform as specified on DOIT platform and failed to delivery critical user functionality. –Project on hold while contracting agencies in discussion with vendor. Laboratory LIMS – Business Requirements Phase –Contract negotiation still ongoing.

6 PHIN Update Public Health Information Network = a community of PH practitioners working to strengthen the business of public health by improving communication and working to implement modernized applications to improve PH infrastructure. NOT just an IT project! Emphasis on informatics training for staff. CDC encouraging use of open source software, grid technology, SOA. Vocabulary standards in keeping with HL7, AHIC, etc. Newly implementing communities of practice concept for partner (federal, state, local) collaboration to achieve goals. All states will be required to certify meeting PHIN requirements of messaging and security by 2010. PH interaction with healthcare.

7 Concerns SDM implementation – impact on projects –Are all project staff trained and familiar with SDM? –How should SDM be applied to projects hosted in- house and at DOIT? Hosting fee changes –Viability to maintain systems in doubt with lack of state funding and dropping federal funding. –Need to change platforms to be more cost effective? –How should these discussions be initiated given project timelines?

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