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News Report.  You will write a 1 page news report based on the title and picture provided.

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1 News Report

2  You will write a 1 page news report based on the title and picture provided

3 This is what page one will look like. Use the ‘Rough Notes’ column to plan your report. Storm Shuts Down Region This is what page two will look like. You can only use the lines provided to write your report.

4  Convention: 40 marks Assesses your ability to write. -use of sentence structure, organization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  Topic Development : 60 marks Assesses your ability to develop a realistic story based on the title and image provided. -5 W’s and 1H, use of quotes, participants, and specific details.

5 Criteria:  Four paragraphs: Lead (Intro), Body Paragraph #1, Body Paragraph #2, Closing  Quotation minimum of one quote in Body #1 or Body #2  Conventions: Third person, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure Use ONLY the space provided!

6  Lead: Introductory paragraph Keep it simple- approximately 2-3 sentences  Body Paragraph #1: Explains the Who, What, When, and Where  Body Paragraph #2: Explains the Why and How Be sure to have 1-2 quotations Quotations can be in body paragraph #1 or #2 Quotations add the “at the scene” feeling”  Closing: concluding paragraph that answers “What’s next?” Do NOT restate information from the introductory paragraph Keep it simple- approximately 2-3 sentences


8 This is what the blank test looked like.

9 Students Turn Classroom into Film Studio Grade ten students (who) at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School (where) turned their classroom into a film studio (what) this week, (when) so that they could create a video. (main idea) With some technical help from their teacher, (how) Ms. Beaker, (who) they created a 15-minute video about how to do a science experiment. (what) “It was entirely the students’ idea,” Ms. Beaker explained. (direct quote) “The kids I have this year just love science, and we do a lot of experiments. (why) They’ve become very good at planning and setting up, too.” Ms. Beaker went on to explain that one day 15-year-old Elisha, who is shown in the picture, said, “We’re so good at this; we could be teaching it!” (indirect quote) & (why) After brainstorming many ideas, the students decided that making a movie would be an exciting challenge. Finally, (transitional word to join ideas) they decided that filming a demonstration of an experiment about how the water cycle works would be interesting and easy to do. This is how the student responded. Report continued on the next slide.

10 They planned the project for two weeks and gathered the supplies (how) they would need. The local cable company agreed to lend the students recording equipment and lights. (how) It took about one day of filming and then another four days to edit and polish. In addition, (transitional word to join ideas) by creating this video, the students learned so much more than science. Everyone took part. They showed real teamwork! (concluding statement)


12 Before you begin: 1)Remember your news report must connect to the headline and picture provided. 2)Use the “rough notes” section for planning


14  Is the article related to headline?  Do my lead and body paragraph #1 answer: Who, What, When, Where?  Does my body paragraph #2 answer: Why and How?  Is there a quotation used?  Have I used third person narration?  Are 3-4 paragraphs used?  Have I used proper spelling and grammar?  Is my News Report realistic? Self- Evaluation- Checklist YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES × NO

15  March Break Camp I Can – March 16-18 at DSSS. Cost is $10. See Ms. Stokes in the Student Support Office for sign-up, fee payment, questions.  Literacy Counting on You classes – Mondays after school started this week. See Ms. Stokes to sign up immediately (only two more classes before the test).  Visit the school website or for sample tests and extra practice.

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