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Français 2 Chapitre 6 Grammaire 2

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1 Français 2 Chapitre 6 Grammaire 2
The comparative with adjectives and nouns The superlative with adjectives Irregular comparatives and superlatives Français 2 Chapitre 6 Grammaire 2

2 The comparative with adjectives and nouns
You can use the following expressions with adjectives to compare things and people. Make the adjective agree with the noun in gender and number. With c’est, there is no agreement. plus + adjective + que more...than La ville est plus bruyante que la campagne. The city is more noisy than the countryside. aussi + adjective + que La ville est aussi intéressante que la campagne. The city is as interesting as the countryside. La ville? C’est aussi intéressant que la campagne! moins + adjective + que less...than La campagne est moins polluée que la ville. The countryside is less polluted than the city.

3 The comparative with adjectives and nouns
You can also compare nouns using plus de, moins de and autant de before the noun. Remember to use que/qu’ to continue the comparison. Il y a plus de vaches que de canards. There are more cows than ducks. Elle a moins de chevaux que ses grands-parents. She has less/fewer horses than her grandparents.

4 The superlative with adjectives
To say the least or the most , use the following structure. Remember to make the adjective agree in gender and number with the noun. le/l’ le/l’ la/l’ + noun la/l’ + plus/moins + adjective + de les les C’est la ville la plus intéressante de la région. It’s the most interesting town in the region.

5 The superlative with adjectives
Notice that this structure will change depending on whether the adjective goes before or after the verb. C’est le plus joli village de la région. C’est le village le plus propre de la région. **Remember your BANGS adjectives always come before the noun! (beauty/age/numbers/good or bad/size)

6 Irregular comparatives and superlatives
The comparative and superlative forms of bon and mauvais are irregular. good better best bon(ne)(s) meilleur(e)(s) le, la les meilleur(e)(s) bad worse the worst mauvais(e)(s) pire(s) le, la, les pire(s)

7 Irregular comparatives and superlatives
It is common practice to use moins bon(ne)(s) (LESS GOOD) rather than pire(s) (WORSE). Je trouve que la vie à la campagne est moins bonne OR pire que la vie en ville. Meilleur(e)(s) (BETTER/BEST) and pire(s) (WORSE/WORST) go before the noun. L’été que j’ai passé chez mes grands-parents était le meilleur/le pire été de ma vie

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