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Demonstrative adjectives Interrogative adjectives

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1 Demonstrative adjectives Interrogative adjectives
le français I Chapitre 7 Grammaire 1

2 Demonstrative Adjectives
To say this, that, these or those, use the demonstrative adjectives ce, cet, cette, and ces. The demonstrative adjective you choose depends on the gender and number of the noun with which it goes. MASCULINE FEMININE SINGULAR ce pull cet imperméable cette chemise PLURAL ces pulls ces imperméables ces chemises

3 Demonstrative adjectives You can add the suffixes below to emphasize what you are trying to say
ce pull-ci ces pulls-ci This hoodie (here) These hoodies (here) ce pull-là ces pulls-là That hoodie (there) Those hoodies (there) that/those (-là) this/these (-ci)

4 Interrogative adjectives
Quel means which or what. It has four forms. All four forms are pronounced the same way. MASCULINE FEMININE SINGULAR Quel chemisier? Quelle jupe? PLURAL Quels chemisiers? Quelles jupes?

5 Interrogative adjectives
You’ve been using qu’est-ce que to say what. It is a little different from quel. Use a form of quel when what is followed directly by a noun. Quelle cravate est-ce que tu vas acheter? Use a form of quel when what is followed by the word est or sont (the verb être) Quelles sont tes cravates préférées? Quelle est ta cravate préférée? Use qu’est-ce que to say what when it’s followed by a subject pronoun. Qu’est-ce que tu vas acheter?

6 interrogative adjectives
You can use a form of quel as an exclamation, as in “What a beautiful dress!” In this case the word “a” is not stated in French. Quel beau chapeau! Quelle belle robe! Quels jolis chemisiers! Quelles casquettes mignonnes!

7 irregular verb mettre je mets nous mettons tu mets vous mettez
mettre (to put something somewhere/to wear/to put on clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) is irregular and must be memorized! je mets nous mettons tu mets vous mettez il/elle/on met ils/elles mettent

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