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1 Hedge Consulting – Business Case Founded in 1992.

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1 1 Hedge Consulting – Business Case Founded in 1992

2 2 Outsource your non-core tasks to get access to specialized skills and services Save on money, time and infrastructure Take advantage of the large cost benefits Benefit from time zones advantage/overlap and reduce time to delivery Scale operations up/down without the hassle of hiring and training See an increase in the scale your business Give your business the competitive edge Long-term vision for global companies Best Practices Why outsource ?

3 3 Best Practices Cost-effectiveness: save up to 75% on operating costs! Substantial overlap of time zones (1pm – 5 pm EST) leads to easy communication and leadership Quick turnaround time Serbia is an emerging market of professional services Serbia’s resource pool is vast and growing Highly skilled and experienced technical workforce – easy access to suitable workers (university graduates with years of experience, excellent language skills and technical knowledge) What are the advantages of Serbia’s emerging market?

4 4 Best Practices Centrally located region with respected colleges/universities and skilled, experienced workers available at low wages Access to high-end technology and infrastructure Access to the latest software and technologies Close proximity to airports/transportation What are the advantages of Serbia’s emerging market? (continued)

5 5 Best Practices The company offers ideal Canadian and international management experience in an emerging market. 20+ years of Management in Canada, USA and UK, combined with 5+ years of Management in Serbia. Offers Highest Quality Management as per requirements of Mission Critical and Safety Critical applications in North America and Europe. Outsourcing to Hedge Consulting gives you access to the world highest quality standards along with low operation costs. Why outsource to Hedge Consulting?

6 6 Best Practices Meets Standards of Project Management Regional leader in engineering, consulting and outsourcing and engineering Provides engineering, consulting, software development, testing and outsourcing services to help clients build tomorrow’s successful enterprises Helps the world’s most successful organizations deliver measurable business value Why outsource to Hedge Consulting? (continued)

7 7 Best Practices Founded in 1992 Headquartered in Veliko Gradiste, Serbia. Highly competitive rates More than 20 years of global (multinational) experience in civil engineering, consulting, management, quality assurance and IT Range of services in highly specialized domains of Engineering, IT, Financial, NGO and more Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes engineering services, project management, Information technology IT services (software development and testing), Quality verification & validation, business consulting and outsourcing services Able to quickly mobilize a large number of resources in a short period of time The Company - Hedge Consulting

8 8 Best Practices Cost Turnover rates Risk assessment Infrastructure Availability of qualified personal: access to suitable workers Wage trends Future labour supplies Recruitment cost Location Key Factors – long term / big picture

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