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Training and Appraisal Human Resource Management.

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2 Training and Appraisal Human Resource Management

3 Training and Development Terminology Flexibility of staff (multi-skilling) Coping with change Job satisfaction Staff motivation Induction training On and off-the-job training Retraining Skills upgrading Appraisal Target Setting

4 TRAINING INDUCTION –Given to new staff to introduce them to the organisation ON-THE-JOB –Takes place whilst employee is doing their job, eg, ‘work shadowing’ ‘sitting next to Nellie’ OFF-THE JOB –Attending training course, gaining qualifications, day release. Can be ‘in house’ or at college, etc STAFF DEVELOPMENT –Based on plan agreed at appraisal. Eg, to prepare employee for promotion

5 Quick Question Outline advantages and disadvantages to the organisation of: –Induction training –On the job training –Off the job training

6 The costs and benefits of staff training Benefits Staff become more competent Motivation increases Long term Productivity increases Reduced waste Organisation’s image is improved Changes become easier to introduce Fewer accidents Costs Trained staff may leave to go to other organisations Financial costs of paying for training Work time is lost when staff are being trained Staff may request a pay rise after training

7 APPRAISAL a method of evaluating the performance of employees and assessing their usefulness to the business may be INFORMAL or FORMAL normally carried out by an employee’s line manager however other forms exists –self –peer –subordinate

8 INFORMAL APPRAISAL based on ‘feelings’ of management result of working together on daily basis little discussion between manager and employee opinions based on factors of which employee is unaware

9 FORMAL APPRAISAL based on evidence collected in a formal way involves an appraisal interview used to: –evaluate performance –identify employees ready for promotion –increase motivation –identify training needs –identify strengths and weaknesses –set future performance targets –assess the recruitment and selection process –improve communications –award salary increases –plan future staffing

10 TARGET SETTING Appraisal is used for target setting for such things as: –attendance at work –quality and relevance of work –membership of committees –communication abilities –level of output achieved –training to be undertaken –relationships with staff

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