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La Haine – le personnage de Saïd

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1 La Haine – le personnage de Saïd
Lesson Objectives: In this lesson you will begin to learn how to analyse the character of Saïd

2 Saïd- the joker Introduce by the graffiti he sprays on the police car.
He proudly states his name and says “Baise la Police” Handsome chiselled face, sallow complexion, short dark curly hair, all signal him as Beur. Fatma’s hand pendant.

3 A premiere vue... He opens and closes the visual elements of the film.
Almost like we’re seeing it through his eyes. From the outset, he talks at a million words per minute, swears often and plays on words.

4 Ses Paroles In the way that Vinz has a gun for a prop, Hubert has boxing, Saïd has language and words. He has the gift of the gab. Tchatche Constant jokes and story telling give the film much of its inventiveness and pleasure. He changes the words on the poster “Le Monde est à vous” , to “nous”.

5 Son Corps His sweeping arm movements, gesticulations, unlike Vinz are not aggressive. His energetic movement goes some way to make up for his lack of height when compared with Hubert and Vinz.

6 Ses Vêtements Clearly fashion conscious.
Sergio Tacchini tracksuit, leather blouson, softened by a fur (presumably fake) collar. His wooly hat is Lacoste, his brother’s cardigan is Lacoste. Clothes are of the beur and banlieu black youth. Lacoste and Burberry are signature designers

7 Sa famille We meet Saïd’s sister briefly and his brother Nordine
We don’t see Saïd’s homelife and this can be interpreted in two ways. Negative – not showing a Maghrebi household thereby denies the existence. Positive – doesn’t single out otherness of beur culture. However, it’s a layer that the other characters are granted and Saïd is denied.

8 Ses parodies? On y vââ? (in front of the art gallery)
Merci, Châârles (to the waiter) Sending up of learned French as bourgeois and effeminate. He lies about women and sex. His attempts to assert himself with sister and Asterix, end up as tantrums.

9 Watch the following key scenes and make notes on the character of Saïd
Scène Détails sur le personnage de Saïd – des citations. Je vous présente Saïd The rooftop Meet Nordine. (14:14) The hospital and arrest. (27:50) At the grocer’s (33:58) Haircut (38:37)

10 Watch the following key scenes and make notes on the character of Saïd
Scène Détails sur le personnage de Saïd – des citations. Saïd’s sister (40:20) Astérix (54:27) The police station (1:01:32) The Eiffel Tower and the poster (1:20)

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