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Becoming an Intermediary Affordable Website Development. SEO. Business Support.

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1 Becoming an Intermediary Affordable Website Development. SEO. Business Support

2 Access Web Solutions is part of North Star Marketing. North Star Marketing is an established UK company providing website, SEO and Marketing services to companies around the world. Access Web Solutions meets the needs of SMEs aiming to expand but don’t have a large marketing budget. We work with accountants, business advisors and consultants, among others, to provide low cost, high quality website solutions for your clients. Our discounts are only available through intermediaries and we can provide referral commissions too. Next Page

3 You’re helping your client grow their business and save money in the process, ensuring your relationship with your client is strengthened. We operate a commission project which can benefit you with a referral fee. Don’t worry, your client will still get a 30% discount. If you don’t want your commission, we will pass this saving onto your client and they will receive a 50% discount off our prices. Intermediaries referring clients to Access Web Solutions can get a special discount of their own website and SEO marketing. Next Page

4 Your client will receive website and SEO support from a professional UK company, which will help their business. We have over 25 website and SEO specialists so our web experts provide a quick, but quality, website turnaround service. Your client will receive a minimum of a 30% discount when they are referred by you to Access Web Solutions. Payment is made once the website or SEO is complete, so your client can be assured they will receive exactly what they want. There are no long term contracts, the client owns the website & there are no monthly ongoing costs. Next Page

5 93%* of websites will be suitable for our standard website or SEO service. We will reduce our standard £499 service if the referral is via you. £499 £350 £250 Standard cost without a referral from you. Cost for your client if you make the introduction. £100 is a commission for you. Cost to the client if you make the introduction and DON’T want a commission. Next Page *Survey from our clients in 2012

6 By signing up for a referrer code we can track any referrals made by you. By signing up we can get business voucher codes specifically created for you. Next Page

7 We want to work with you and help your clients. Customer care is essential to us and by signing up to work with us we guarantee the best support and assistance for your clients. Join Next Page

8 Anyone can say they provide a great service. So, don’t take our word for it. Here are some websites we made for our clients. If you would like to speak to one of our referrers or clients we’ve helped, please let us know and we will organise a telephone conversation. Next Page

9 We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can help you and your clients with website and SEO services. Call Us: 0844 318 0381 Email Us: Speak to a Director, Stuart Carmichael: 07771800446 Visit our website:

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