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The Municipality of Nacka Openness and Diversity.

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1 The Municipality of Nacka Openness and Diversity

2 Third largest in Stockholm County …

3 Land area: 96 km 2 Citizens: 93 0 00 … and a part of Greater Stockholm

4 Number of inhabitants 93 000 Children and the youth27% People of working age60% Retired13% Citizens with a foreign 20% background Housing40% private houses 60% apartments Low unemployment rate4,5% Municipality budget466 673 666 EUR (4 billion Swedish crowns) Nacka in Brief

5 A part of the Stockholm Archipelago The Stockholm Archipelago – a unique landscape of rocky islands and water bays with a rich cultural heritage. As a part of Archipelago region Nacka is evolving as: an attractive tourist destination all year round a sustainable society in terms of economical, social and environmental factors an attractive location for citizens, business and services

6 The Leading Schools in Sweden High students’ scores High level of satisfaction among students and parents Nacka showed the second best result in school performance in both 2011 and 2012 compared to other 289 municipalities in Sweden (According to the research by The Swedish Association for Local Authorities and Regions)

7 Economic Development in Nacka Nacka has a prosperous and rapidly growing business sector: 13 000 enterprises are registered and the number of new companies is constantly growing (the majority are SME) 80% of the companies’ owners live in Nacka Nacka is one of the 5 municipalities in Sweden that has the highest percentage of companies within social care services Our key success factors are: close proximity to Stockholm good municipal service for the companies and close cooperation with the business sector customer choice model that generates new companies in Nacka due to a stable customers’ flow


9 OUR CORE VALUE “We trust and respect people’s knowledge, their ability and willingness to assume responsibility”.

10 Basic Principles The distinction between financing and production Competition through consumer choice or competitive tendering Neutrality of competition The delegation of responsibility and authority to the lowest qualified level 1 2 3 4

11 Overall Goals Good municipal service Efficient resource usage Strong citizens’ influence Freedom of choice The lowest possible tax rate and managable charges Well-balanced municipal economy Good environment and long-term sustainable development Safe and secure municipality 1 4 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

12 The Customer Choice System Gives Our Citizens Control Over the Services Nacka was the first municipality in Sweden to introduce the Customer Choice System in 1982. Common service Individual service Exercise of public authority

13 Principles of the Customer Choice System: An individual has the right to a service. The price of the services is the same for everyone (cheques). Money is attached to an individual. We authorize organisations that can provide services (clear and simple rules). A customer chooses between these organisations (both private and municipal providers are treated equally on the basis of neutral competition). We monitor the companies to make sure they are following the authorization rules. We ask customers whether they are satisfied.

14 A Gradual Expansion of Customer Choice Chiropody voucher1985 Internal prices and rent1989 Home help voucher1992 School voucher1992 Childcare voucher1994 Guidance/assistance1998 Special housing for the elderly2001 Adult education2005 Individual and family care2005-1 Family counselling 2005, Labour market measures 2006 Family treatment and Daily activities for elderly 2007 Housing support 2010, Drug and alcohol abuse 2011

15 Nacka is Open for the World multilateral networks International collaboration is an important tool for our own development. Edge Cities Network European Network of Social Authorities Union of the Baltic Cities International exchange at Nacka schools - 2nd best in Stockholm region on the number of the approved projects within the European Union program for education – Lifelong Learning Program (2012-2013) twin towns 3 7 Keila, Estonia Jelgava, Latvia Gliwice, Poland Pyhtää, Finland Adalar, Turkey Baranovichi, Belarus Kisumu, Kenya Greenwich, USA

16 Welcome to Nacka!

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