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Introducing the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 4 Joanna Griffiths Packaging Technical Manager.

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1 Introducing the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 4 Joanna Griffiths Packaging Technical Manager

2 Understand the benefits of the Standard Understand the certification process Learn how the Standard can be applied to your company Examine how BRC oversees and manages the enforces the Standards Access the BRC Directory Objectives

3 Consumer Products Storage & Distribution Packaging Food About the Standards

4 Why Global Standards? Reduce number of audits Brand protection Good practice Continual improvement Due diligence

5 BRC schemes 110 countries over 18,000 Certificated sites Approved training provider’s (or ATP’s) are available globally Translated into 4 different language New regions are continually assessed for the need for translations Global Reach

6 Background Issue 1 Global Standard for Food Packaging 2002 Issue 2 released 2004 Issue 3 Packaging and Packaging Materials 2008 Issue 4 released 2011

7 To ensure the quality, safety and legality of packaging and packaging materials To assure the users of packaging that the packaging producer has robust quality and safety systems Maintain customer confidence in their supply base through audit and certification Provides a basis for approval of suppliers by customers Objectives of the Standard

8 Scope of the Standard Supply of goods from stock Ancillary packaging material Consumer disposable goods Prior operations


10 Senior Management Commitment Quality Management Risk based System Key Principles

11 Senior Management Commitment No longer ‘belongs’ to technical or quality departments Safety, legality and quality become part of the company culture Ensures continued business if meeting consumer demands Need to provide financial and staff resources

12 Allow company to review and improve its operation Standard is not prescriptive about the methods To produce safe, legal products the basic site conditions must also be adequate Pre-requisite programme Introduction to the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Quality Management

13 Risk Based System Hazard and risk analysis Reduce or eliminate hazards Appropriate allocation of resources One Standard suitable for a wide range of products Categorising Risk

14 The Requirements Senior Management Commitment Hazard & Risk Management Product Safety & Quality Management Site Standards Product & Process Control Personne l

15 Fundamental Clauses


17 HARM – Hazard and Risk Management Based on HACCP/Codex Hazards –Microbiological –Chemical –Physical –Quality Accepts packaging industry norms Uses site’s own expertise to manage process hazards


19 Certification Process

20 Defining the Audit Scope The scope of the Audit must be agreed between the company and the Certification Body before scheduling the audit The Certification Body will need to understand clearly the company to be audited and activities undertaken

21 Slide 21 The Audit duration and Process

22 Non-Conformities Corrective Actions Action plan Consider root cause Correct non-conformities Evidence to Certification Body for analysis

23 Grading & Audit Frequency In line with other Standards Sign of Maturity Site Aspirations Reflection of commitment Robust certification Certification Body may carry out further visits or question activities where they think it is necessary to validate continued certification. These visits may take the form of announced or unannounced visits to undertake either a full or partial audit.

24 Audit Report and Certification Certification Body uses a Standard report template from the BRC Auditor must complete the report using his/her notes - recording conformity - recording non-conformity It is uploaded to the Directory If the Audit is successful the Certificate is issued to the site Sites can allocate access to their report to their customers

25 Certification Bodies must be Registered, Approved and Accredited The BRC recognises that the factors that give clients confidence are: Quality Consistency BRC runs a quality assurance programme BRC provides feedback on the performance of each Certification Body through a key performance indicator (KPI) programme The KPIs translate to star rating, visible on the Directory Companies audited against the Standard can provide feedback on the performance of the Auditor Certification Body Performance Monitoring

26 Slide 26

27 The Benefits of Using the Standard Internationally recognisedComprehensive ScopeQuality and Hygiene systemsAccredited auditsViewed on BRC Public DirectoryContinual improvement

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