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Muhammad Taimoor Khan

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1 Muhammad Taimoor Khan

2 CSC103 Introduction to Computers and Programming 4(3, 1)

3  Designing Web Pages with HTML; Block-Level Elements in HTML; Text-Level Elements in HTML; Frames; Cascading Style Sheets; Getting Started with Java; Object-Oriented Programming in Java; Basic Java Syntax; Applets and Basic Graphics; AWT Components and layout managers; GUI and Event handling; Swing components; Network Programming and RMI; HTML Forms; Java Servlets; JavaServer Pages; Using Applets as front ends to server-side programs; Connecting to data bases using JDBC; Adding dynamic content to web pages using Java Script; XML Processing with Java.

4  2 (60mins) Lectures per week  2 (90mins) Labs per week 18-20 hrs of home study and practice work per week Maintain a Lab Manual (in Soft)

5 AssessmentMarks (Theory) Quizzes615% Assignments410% Sessional I110% Sessional II115% Terminal150% Theory Total(theory)*2/3 (Practical) Assignments325% Sessional I110% Sessional II115% Terminal150% Practical Total(practical)*1/3 Grand TotalTheory Total + Practical Total


7  Server  Client Browser  Web Application Architecture  URL (Uniform resource locator)  Hosting  Web Application  Protocols  Ports


9  It is a software installed on a computer  Shares resources  Receives requests and generate responses  Run continuously for longer duration with high efficiency, security and reliability  May require special hardware

10 Web Server  A web server serves static content to a web browser by loading a file from a disk and serving it across the Internet to the user’s browser  During this process the client and server communicate through HTTP protocol  Apache HTTP server (Apache software)  Apache Tomcat (Apache software)  Internet information services IIS (Microsof)  Sun Java (Sun Microsystems)…

11 FTP (file transfer protocol) Server  It move files securely among computers  Accessed through FTP clients Application Server  It is for runtime processing to prepare response

12 E-Mail Server  It sends, receives and stores emails over a corporate network across the Internet Proxy Server  Proxy server acts as an intermediary between clients and servers

13 Database Server  It provides database services to other computers  DNS (Domain Name Server/ System/Service)  Audio/Video Servers  Chat Servers  Game Servers…

14  A computer program with GUI to display HTML traverse data from WWW via HTTP

15  How web servers and clients communicate with each other

16 2-Tier Architecture Presentation Tier Web Service Tier 3-Tier Architecture Presentation Tier Web Service Tier DB Tier

17 A formatted text string used by web browsers or other clients to identify a resource on the network It can be a webpage, text document, graphics or code http://www.domain-

18  Buying Domain name  Buying Hosting space

19  A set of web pages served from a single web domain  Hosted by a web server  Accessed publicly through a network (Internet)  Has a unique address (URL)  Constitute the WWW  Written in HTML  Accessed through HTTP / HTTPS protocols

20  Static Website  Web page delivered in response to client’s request, are in the form in which they are stored. Constructed through HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery  Dynamic Website (Web App)  Web pages delivered are constructed at runtime at server, through server-side scripting like PHP, JAVA,.NET  Search Engines  a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the Internet.

21  Content Management Systems (CMS)  Web Portal  Offers a broad array of resources like shopping mall, search engines, emailing service, forums etc.

22  E-Commerce  Social Networking (facebook, twitter etc)  Blogging  Forums  E-Learning  E-Governance  E-Storage  E-Service  Mirror  Online Gaming

23  HTTP  Hyper text transfer protocol  Exchange hypertext (structured text)  HTTPS  Hyper text transfer protocol secure  For secure communication over SSL (Secure Socket Layer)  FTP  File transfer protocol  SMTP  Simple mail transfer protocol

24  20 FTP  23 Telnet  25 SMTP  80 HTTP  53 DNS  110 POP3  115 SFTP  443 HTTPS

25  Virus  Hacking  SEO  Plug-ins / patches  Open source  ISP  Internet  Navigation  Flash  FTP  Firewall  Ajax  DSL / ADSL / Dial-up  3G / 4 G  Bots / Crawlers / Spiders

26  Client Side Scripting  HTML  DHTML  XHTML  CSS  Javascript  Jquery  XML  Server Side scripting  Java  PHP .NET  Databases  SQL  MySQL  MS Access  JDBC (for connectivity)

27  HTML  HTM  PHP  ASPX  JSP


29  Write a 1-2 pages report of the working of the terms and technologies discussed above  Make use of examples and photos to elaborate your point  Submission next week

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