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1 BEST CHOICE HOME HEALTH CARE A Member of the Centerlight Health System Caring for New Yorkers for over 90 years, employing 4500 people, speaking 75 languages, serving 15,000 people every day Best Choice is the licensed agency for the health system, training and employing Home Health Aides. We currently have an active census of 950 patients.

2 UJA Federation Caring Commission contracts with PHI to design HAWI

3 Best Choice participates in HAWI  To improve the quality and communication skills of the aides we train  To differentiate Best Choice/Centerlight in our Marketplace  For the opportunity to work with PHI  For the funding opportunity with the UJA Federation

4 HAWI:UJA Federation’s Home Health Aide Training Initiative The purpose of this initiative is to pilot a new curriculum and teaching method that will be the basis for an “accredited” training standard that will increase the quality of care provided to our frail elderly and disabled populations.  The program begins from recruitment with a standardized intake and structured selection process. This process utilizes some basic assessments to document literacy, interest and suitability for work as an aide and small group work stressing team building skills.

5 HAWI  Training Components:  Small Group Learning Activities  Paraphrasing, Open Ended Questioning  Pulling Back from Emotional Responses in Stressful Situations  “Real Life” Case Studies and Role Playing to Model Behavior

6 Additional Staff The grant paid for additional staff:  Training Assistants – two former Home Health Aides to assist RN Instructor  Case Manager/Recruiter – recruit and support students  Data Liaison – collect information for Home care Policy and Research Staff  Peer Mentors – experienced Home Health Aides

7 Grant Funding Grant funding includes:  Metro Cards –transportation to and from the training class  Stipends for Peer Mentors  Stipends for On-the-Job Training (three hours in- service within the first 90 days of employment)  Stipends for Specialty Aide Training – resources for 16 hours of training in Dementia and Cultural Competency for a select group of workers

8 Comparison of HAWI/DOH Recruitment HAWIDOH Candidates attend Information sessionsOpen House for anyone who calls or sees ad Presentations by clinical, HR and Operations staff Info session consists of Small group activity, presentations by Individuals to observe communication skills. At open house recruits fill out applications, show documents, have 15 minute interview, take literacy test and get forms for physical (self -pay) Candidates must call for appointment If they wish to continue the process Interview: 30 minutes with team Assessment completed, team decides who will move on Candidate returns requisite forms, sent for drug test and fingerprints. Those cleared are scheduled for training class Third session in office: Barriers Assessment, reading test Case management services Team meets to decide who will be invited for class Candidates sent for physical and drug test (Best Choice pays) fingerprints. Those cleared are scheduled for class three step interview processone step process

9 Comparison of HAWI/DOH Training Program HAWIDOH 4 weeks3 weeks Adult learner based curriculumContent regimented, follows book role playing, group learning hands on, interactive case management services offered during trainingno assistance

10 Graduation Rates - past 5 years

11 Peer Mentor Program  The Peer mentor program was designed to assist the new Home Health Aides during the transitional period from the classroom to the field with the real life situations that sometimes challenge their ability to balance personal and work life.

12 Peer Mentor Program  The Peer Mentor provides support to the new aides through early intervention and advising in the first 90 days of employment. The mentor provides an objective approach to any situations which may arise.  The mentors are helpful in fostering relationships with the new Home Health Aides while promoting a level of comfort, acting as liaisons between the coordinating staff and the home health aides and providing information that can aid in the identification of future successes or failures.

13 Course Completion Survey Summary  Overall Rating of Class:  Excellent56.25%  Very Good37.50%  Good 6.25%  Not So Good 0.00%  Bad 0.00%

14 Course Completion Survey Summary How Well Did Class Prepare You?  Extremely Well46.88%  Well53.13%  Somewhat Well 0.00%  Did Not Prepare Me0.00%

15 Course Completion Survey Summary Role Playing and Pretending to Be a Client Helped Me to Understand Clients Better  Totally Agree65.63%  Agree25.00%  No Opinion3.13%  Disagree3.13%

16 Course Completion Survey Summary I liked the Games and Exercises  Totally Agree81.25%  Agree15.63%  No Opinion 0.00%  Disagree 3.13%

17 Course Completion Survey Summary Working In Small Groups Was Helpful  Totally Agree75.00%  Agree15.63%  No Opinion3.13%  Disagree0.00%

18 Course Completion Survey Summary I Would Recommend this Course To A Friend or Relative  Totally Agree84.78%  Agree11.11%  No Opinion 2.22%  Disagree 0.00%

19 Graduates say: “the class was thoroughly taught – it was not just reading from a book. They treated us as adults” ‘the learning experience was great” “the class was informative but more so it helped me to learn to accept people from different cultures.” Graduates’ Comments

20 “when I started out looking for a training program, I didn’t just want to get a certificate I wanted to learn something I could take away with me. I most definitely got it at Best Choice. I believe that every agency should have this program. “when I heard of the peer mentor program I was skeptical but it is great that I am able to talk to someone who will just listen and help me think things through…I get all the support I need.” Graduates’ Comments

21 Staff’s Comments  “ Hands down, do not think of changing this methodology. I love the level of interaction.”  “It is very involved and engaging.”  “It is a holistic approach which better prepares the students for taking care of the patients.”  “The concept of this program is great.”

22 Staff’s Comments  “ A very thorough recruitment process that facilitates the screening for quality candidates.”  “The focus on communication and intrapersonal skills develops a more competent Home Health Aide.”

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