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Agriscience, Unit 7a: Investigate careers related to the field of agricultural engineering 681011.

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1 Agriscience, Unit 7a: Investigate careers related to the field of agricultural engineering 681011

2 Agricultural Mechanics Is defined as the selection, operation, maintenance of power units, machinery, and structures used in agriculture

3 Technical Education Education varies with the type of agriscience or agricultural mechanics career that a individual chooses, to the include the working conditions

4 Production Support Agricultural mechanics careers in the production support industry for agriculture may include: * Tractor mechanics * farm machinery assemblers * garden tractor mechanics * machinery assemblers, and * agricultural safety engineers

5 Horticulture Industry Agricultural mechanics careers in the horticulture industry of agriculture may include: * irrigation engineers, * lawn mower mechanics, * garden tractor repairman, and * agricultural equipment designers

6 Agricultural processing May include: Electricians: design and wire electrical circuits for agricultural equipment or structures Surveyors: Surveys property lines using engineering equipment (levels, tripods) to survey, layoff terraces or structure sites for construction Heavy equipment operators: Use earth moving machinery or equipment to control erosion on the farm Diesel mechanics: are in a big demand because they are needed to work on diesel powered equipment Builders: are needed to construct or build structures and equipment

7 Soil Conservationist Is responsible for and overseeing the construction of soil conservation projects that control wind and water erosion problems on farms. Soil conservationists use agricultural mechanics skills to perform their jobs

8 Machinist Fabricates new parts for farm machinery and equipment

9 Agricultural Plumber Install or repair water lines in agricultural buildings

10 Soil Engineer Designs and supervised field, turf, landscape, and golf course irrigation system projects

11 Agricultural Electrician Wires farm buildings and performs electrical work

12 Diesel Mechanics Work on diesel farm machinery and equipment Are in demand because of the large amount or number of powered diesel machinery and equipment used in agriculture

13 Irrigation Engineer Plans and constructs irrigation systems

14 Land Surveyor Surveys property lines

15 Garden Tractor Repairman Repairs small engines on outdoor-powered and lawn- garden equipment

16 Equipment Operator Operates heavy equipment

17 Agricultural Engineer Designs tractors, combines, cotton pickers, and other farm and ranch equipment

18 Forester/ logger is responsible for keeping chainsaws and other equipment in safe operating condition

19 Hardware store employee Locates repairs parts or materials for agricultural tools, equipment, and machines

20 Welder Repairs broken or cracked metal parts on farm machinery and equipment, and structures

21 Tools Are be classified according to use

22 Turning tools Are tools used to turn nuts, bolts, and screws. Examples include: Adjustable wrench Phillips screwdriver Pipe wrench Regular socket Slotted screwdriver Allen wrench Speed handle Torque wrench

23 Cutting tools Are tools used to cut, chop, saw, or otherwise remove material. Examples include: Bolt tap Cutting torch Hacksaw Portable circular saw Coping saw Glass cutter Compass saw Cold chisel

24 Layout and measures tools Are tools used to layout or measure. Examples include: Calipers Chalk line reel Tape rule Tree diameter tape Zigzag rule Framing square Combination square Plumb bob Line level Try square

25 Driving tools Are tools used to move another tool or object. Examples include: Ball peen hammer Nail set Pin punch Sledge hammer Nail hammer Center punch Masonry hammer Rubber mallet

26 Holding tools Are tools used to grip wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. Examples include: Bar clamp C-clamp Drill press vise Hand screw clamp Vise grip pliers slip joint pliers Groove joint pliers

27 Adjustable Wrench Used for turning various sized nuts and bolts


29 Phillips screwdriver Is used to turn Phillips head screws

30 Pipe wrench Is used to turn and hold pipe

31 Regular socket Is a general-purpose socket used for turning nuts and bolts

32 Slotted screwdriver Is used to turn slotted screws

33 Extension Is used to extend the reach of a socket

34 Reversible ratchet Is used to reverse the rotation of socket of socket turning

35 Combination wrench Is used to turn hex and square nuts and bolts

36 Bolt tap Is used to cut inside threads in order to repairs damages threads on a nut

37 Cold chisel Is used for cutting metal

38 Hacksaw Is used for sawing metal

39 Cutting torch Is used for cutting metal with heat

40 Portable circular saw Is used for sawing wood in construction projects

41 Compass saw Is used for cutting wood in close places

42 Coping saw Is used for cutting curves and irregular cuts

43 Calipers Are used to get the most accurate diameter measurement of round objects

44 Chalk line reel Is used to mark straight lines

45 Tape rule Is used for straight or curved measuring down to 1/16”

46 Tree diameter tape Is used to measure circumference of a tree

47 Zigzag or folding rule Is a folding rule used for straight measuring down to 1/16”

48 Framing or carpenter square Is used for squaring corners and laying out stairs and rafters

49 Try square Is used for 90 degree squaring of boards

50 Ball peen hammer Is used for hammering metal

51 Nail hammer Is used for driving nails

52 Nail set Is used for countersinking nail heads below the surface of the wood


54 Pin punch Is used for driving out metal pins

55 Center punch Is used for starting holes in metal

56 Sledge hammer Is used for heavy hammering of metal or wood

57 Mason hammer Is use for chipping and shaping masonry materials

58 Bar clamp Is used to clamp large sections of wood together

59 C - clamp Is used for clamping two or more pieces of metal together

60 Drill press vise Is used to hold stock (wood, plastic or metal) while drilling

61 Hand screw clamp Is used for clamping wood together

62 Vise grip pliers Are used for extra firm gripping

63 Slip joint pliers Can be adjusted to hold various size materials

64 Different types of Files Chain saw File: is use to sharpen chain saw blades Mill file: use to file metal Triangle file: use in filing saws Round file: filing inside holes

65 Files Cut only on the forward stroke


67 Caliper Used to measure the outside or inside diameter of pipe


69 Handsaws Are of types used to cuts boards Crosscut saw- is used to cut across the grain of wood and has 6 to 8 teeth per inch on the saw blade Rip saw- is used to cut with the grain of on boards and finer teeth that are small


71 Bolt Die Is a tool use to thread metal rods or bolts


73 Kerf Opening that remains behind the saw blade

74 Tape rules Used in the agricultural shop will measure to 1/16th of a inch for agriculture purposes.


76 Lacquer Thinner Most versatile solvent for dissolving a large number of paint finishing products


78 Ag Mechanics Careers


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