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Office of Apprenticeship Michael Longeuay Regional Director, San Francisco, CA (415) 625-2231

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1 Office of Apprenticeship Michael Longeuay Regional Director, San Francisco, CA (415) 625-2231

2 Overview Components of Registered Apprenticeship Momentum for Expanding Apprenticeship American Apprenticeship Initiative Grants Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium DOL-VA Registered Apprenticeship Initiative Industry Roundtables Pre-Apprenticeship Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) 2

3 Components of Registered Apprenticeship 3 On-the-Job- Learning Job-Related Education Reward Skills Fully Credentialed

4 Center for American Progress Report Training for Success: A Policy to Expand Apprenticeships in the United States 2/02/79991/training-for-success-a-policy-to-expand- apprenticeships-in-the-united-states

5 …Train Americans with the skills employers need, and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now. That means more on-the-job training, and more apprenticeships… President Obama 2014 State of the Union Address 5 “ ” Bold New Direction: Year of Executive Action

6 6 The American Apprenticeship Grant initiative will be ready to launch in Fall 2014 American Apprenticeship Grants - $100 Million (Fall) Launch apprenticeship models in new, high growth fields Align apprenticeships to pathways for further learning and career advancement Scale apprenticeship models that work

7 American Apprenticeships Industry Roundtable ATLANTA – Transportation and Logistics BOSTON - Healthcare WASHINGTON DC – Construction HOUSTON – Energy CHICAGO – Manufacturing SAN FRANCISCO – Information Technology

8 8 The launch of the Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium in April 2014 expands career pathway linkages with community colleges. Facilitate articulation of the Registered Apprenticeship certificate for college credit on a national scale to enable apprentices to earn a college degree. Innovation  Promote advancement of credit-bearing Registered Apprenticeship programs across 2 and 4 year institutions of higher education. Apprenticeship is Education  Support President’s goal to double the number of Apprentices and the Secretary’s goal to transform Registered Apprenticeship for the 21st Century

9 9 Launch of New DOL-VA Registered Apprenticeship Veterans Employment (RAVE) Initiative GI Bill Benefits Can Be Made Available to Eligible Veterans in Registered Apprenticeship Programs Letters  VA-DOL Joint Secretary’s Letter to Current Registered Apprenticeship programs to encourage participation.  DOL letter to State Apprenticeship Agencies to collaborate in joint effort. Other Joint Public Awareness Activities  DOL and VA will conduct webinars.  Collaboration across Agencies and States  Media and Public Affairs  Graphic for Employers/USG to use “Approved for the GI Bill ®”

10 Overview of TEN 13-12 DEFINITION OF PRE-APPRENTICESHIP “ Pre-Apprenticeship” is defined as a program or set of strategies designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship program and has a documented partnership with at least one, if not more, Registered Apprenticeship program(s).

11 Agency Approved Forms Of Direct Entry Job Corps Graduates. Native American Ironworker pre-apprenticeship graduates. Youth Build graduates Sponsor sponsored pre-apprenticeship Military Veterans who completed military technical training school and/or participated in a registered apprenticeship program.

12 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Signed by President Obama on July 22, 2014 Increased involvement by Registered Apprenticeship sponsors on State and Local WIBs Registered Apprenticeship programs are on Eligible Training Provider Lists Strengthens Registered Apprenticeship’s ties to the workforce system 12

13 WIOA- Stakeholder Consultation September 12, 2014 WIOA and Registered Apprenticeship Moderated by OA Administrator John Ladd Register at: 1422656060033459/info 13

14 14 Thank You for Participating Today Some Web Resources (ETA Home Page) (Office of Apprenticeship) (Grants.Gov) (ETA Grants Announcements Page)

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