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Health Benefits of Bike Riding Riding for Your Body & Mind.

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1 Health Benefits of Bike Riding Riding for Your Body & Mind

2 Health & Fitness Benefits “One reason for American’s sedentary lifestyle is that walking and cycling have been replaced by automobile travel for all but the shortest distances” --Journal of the American Medical Association, October 27, 1999

3 Benefits Overview Improved cardiovascular fitness More active lifestyle Clean air Ease of incorporating it into your life Stronger immune system Better sleep Increased joint movement and less pounding Stress reduction Reduced back pain Exposure to sunlight Sweating Weight loss and fitness Increased energy level

4 Health Benefit Improves Cardiovascular Fitness Strengthens the heart Increased circulation carries oxygen-rich blood to muscles Heavy breathing increases oxygen intake Reduces chance of heart disease Increases protection from high blood pressure and diabetes

5 Health Benefit Gives Body Fast & Energetic Workout Shaping, toning, firming of thighs, calf muscles and pelvis Fat replaced by muscle May reduce cellulite from thighs Less stress on knees & ankles than running and aerobic exercises

6 Calories Burned Activity (1 hr) 130 lbs150 lbs190 lbs225 lbs Aerobics354422518621 Basketball472563690837 Bicycling, light effort354422518593 Bicycling, moderate effort472563690891 Bicycling, vigorous effort5907048631080 Running, 10 min mile5907048631026 Running, 5.5 min mile1062126715531836 Walking, slow pace148176218284 Walking, moderate pace207246343445 Walking, very brisk pace236281402526

7 Health Benefit Stress Reduction from Moderate Exercise Enhanced self-esteem Relief from mild to moderate depression Increases mental health Decrease anxiety Fun exercise!

8 Rx: Physical Activity “Physical activity can play a key role in helping people feel better. It can improve mood and reduce anxiety.” --Louis Appleby, DOH “If we could package exercise up in a pill form it would be the single most widely prescribed medication in the world because it does so much for everybody.” --Dr. Miriam Nelson, Tufts University

9 More Benefits Exposure to Sunlight Vitamin D from 15 minutes/day may help prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, and osteoporosis

10 Why Cycling? All exercise is beneficial but cycling is especially beneficial because it’s transportation and a work-out rolled into one!

11 Why Active Transportation? For your Body For your Body For your Community – Clean Air For your Community – Clean Air For your Pocketbook For your Pocketbook

12 Why Do Active Transportation? Walking and Biking Enhanced employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction Healthier employees = Increased productivity Reduced employee demand for parking Reduced health insurance rates and medical expenses Improved environmental quality Improved accessibility to worksite – less congestion Improved image for NOAA and community

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