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Comets, Asteroids and Meteors

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1 Comets, Asteroids and Meteors
Chapter 20

2 Comets A loose collection of ice, dust and small rocky particles
Orbits are very long and narrow ellipses Comprised of 2 parts: Head and Tail Originate from either Kuiper belt or Oort cloud Comets

3 Anatomy of a Comet Two Parts: Head and Tail
Comet’s Head: Comprised of Coma and Nucleus Brightest part of comet Nucleus is the solid inner core Coma: Clouds of gas and dust Coma created by Suns energy Comet Tail: Sun heats up gas and dust of comet creating tail Tail always points away from Sun Anatomy of a Comet

4 Comet

5 Comet

6 Comet

7 Comet in orbit

8 Asteroids Asteroids: rocky objects too small to be considered Planets
Revolve around Sun between Mars and Jupiter Asteroid Belt Asteroids

9 Asteroids

10 Asteroids

11 Asteroids

12 Meteoroids Meteoroids: Chunks of rock or dust in space
Come from comets or asteroids Meteor: Created as a meteoroid enters the atmosphere Meteorite: Meteoroids that pass through atmosphere and hit Earths Surface Meteoroids

13 Meteor

14 Meteor Shower












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