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Banking 4/16/2017 5-7 DRIVING DATA OBJECTIVES Write, interpret, and use the distance formula. Use the formula for the relationship between distance, fuel economy, and gas usage. Chapter 1

2 Key Terms English Standard System Metric System odometer
1 km ≈ mi 1 mi ≈ km 1 gal ≈ 3.8 L 1 L ≈ 0.26 gal distance formula D = R × T D = mpg × gal D = km/L × L currency exchange rate odometer electronic odometer mechanical odometer trip odometer speedometer fuel economy measurement miles per gallon (mpg) kilometers per liter (km/L)

3 Example 1 A car travels at an average rate of speed of 50 miles per hour for 6 hours. How far does this car travel?

4 Example 2 Danielle drove from Atlanta, Georgia, to Denver, Colorado, which is a distance of 1,401 miles. If she averaged 58 miles per hour on her trip, how long is her driving time to the nearest minute?

5 EXAMPLE 3 Kate left Albany, New York, and traveled to Montreal, Quebec. The distance from Albany to the Canadian border is approximately 176 miles. The distance from the Canadian border to Montreal, Quebec, is approximately 65 kilometers. If the entire trip took about 3¾ hours, what was her average speed for the trip?

6 EXAMPLE 4 Juan has a hybrid car that averages 40 miles per gallon. His car has a 12-gallon tank. How far can he travel on one full tank of gas?

7 EXAMPLE 5 When Barbara uses her car for business, she must keep accurate records so that she will be reimbursed for her car expenses. When she started her trip, the odometer read 23, When she ended the trip it read 24, Barbara’s car gets 32 miles per gallon. Her tank was full at the beginning of the trip. When she filled the tank, it cost her $ What price did she pay per gallon of gas on this fill-up?

Suppose a person begins a trip with an odometer reading of A miles and ends the trip with an odometer reading of B miles. If the car gets C miles per gallon and the fill-up of gas for this trip cost D dollars, write an algebraic expression that represents the price per gallon.

9 Example 6 David is driving in Mexico on his vacation. He notices that gas costs 8.50 Mexican pesos per liter. What is this equivalent to in U.S. dollars? (At David’s time of travel, 1 USD = 13.3 Mexican pesos.)

10 Example 7 David knows that the price of gas in his home town is about $2.90 per gallon. How can he compare this price to the price paid in Example 6 for a liter?


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