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Iraq to Jordan By Melissa Young & Susan Whalley (:

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1 Iraq to Jordan By Melissa Young & Susan Whalley (:

2 A map of Iraq and Jordan

3 Definition: Migration Migration is the physical movement of humans from one place to another. It is when a person leaves their place of birth or of residence for another place. It is most often internal, with migrants remaining in their country. The migrant often leaves a rural area to live in an urban area, which fuels urbanisation. International migrations are rare, with only 3% of humans living in a country other than the country in which they were born (in 2005). The type of migration: forced

4 The Push Factors effecting Migration Lack of employment or entrepreneurial opportunities Lack of political or religious rights Restrictions on practice of religion Shortage of farmland; hard to start new farms Oppressive legal/political conditions Military draft, warfare Famine or drought Cultural fights with other cultural groups Expulsion by armed force or coercion

5 The Pull Factors effecting Migration Better opportunities for acquiring farms for self and children Cheap purchase of farmland Instant wealth More job opportunities Higher pay Prepaid travel Better welfare programmes Better schools Join friends and relatives who have already moved Build a new nation Build religious community Political freedom

6 The impact of migration on the source country: Iraq There is not much impact on Iraq as at this time there was a lot of terrorism and there was a War going on. Therefore the effect of people moving from Iraq did not create a major impact because there was more focus on other certain things. Although families were split apart there was no real impact on Iraq.

7 The impact on the country of destination: Jordan HRW calls them refugees, but the Jordanian government calls them illegal immigrants. Whatever they were termed, there was an estimated half a million to a million of them in Jordan. They created a system to protect and temporarily settle refugees for Iraq (Iraqi, Palestinian and Iranian Kurds), and were able to afford them free medical care and their children free schooling. No mention of political asylum. Affording refugee status implies a temporary arrangement. Given Jordan’s history with Palestinian refugees, there is little to assure anybody that a temporary arrangement does not become a long term political, social and economic obligation.

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