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The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway

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1 The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway

2 Backdrop for the novel Lost Generation Expatriates
Aimlessness and search for purpose Drinking, fighting, traveling, relationships Paris Hemingway’s life experiences

3 Character Overview Narrator: Jake Barnes
Fought in WWI; Returns physically injured; Journalist in Paris Physical Injuries result in emotional insecurities Robert Cohn: Friend of Jake Barnes Insecure while at Princeton; Controlled by women; Did not fight in WWI

4 Character Overview Brett Ashley: Woman who loves the company of men, but finds little fulfillment in her sexual exploits – loves Jake but cannot commit to him Bill Gorton: True, authentic friendship with Jake – Uses humor to cope with post war emotions Mike Campbell: Drunk, bankrupt war veteran; Insecure about Brett’s infidelity toward him

5 Character Overview Count Mippipopolous: Veteran of seven wars; wealthy Greek; foil for the younger aimlessly living Lost Generation Georgette: Prostitute Jakes picks up Frances Clyne: Cohn’s manipulative girlfriend

6 Character Overview Pedro Romero: Passion for bullfighting; Matador in Spain during fiesta; foil for those of the lost generation

7 Chapter 1 - Focus on Robert Cohn
Questions to ask: Why does Jake start the narrative focusing entirely on Cohn? How does Jake initially depict Cohn? Can the reader ascertain anything about Jake at this point?

8 The Components of Cohn Depicted initially a Jew who took up boxing to defend himself. Appears to be controlled by his girlfriend, Frances. Did not fight in WWI. Spent that time at Princeton. “He learned [boxing] to counteract the feeling of inferiority…at Princeton” (11). “He was married by the first girl who was nice to him” (12). “I rather liked him and evidently she led him quite a life” (15).

9 To consider in Chapter 2….
1. What is significant about Cohn wanting to go to South American because he read about it in a book? 2. What differences do you notice between Jake and Cohn, and how they view life? 3. As you get inured to Hemingway’s style, can you explain Cohn’s short dialogue on the last page of the chapter?

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