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Pre-K and Kindergarten Orientation Friday, August 15, 2011.

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1 Pre-K and Kindergarten Orientation Friday, August 15, 2011

2 “Every Child, Every Chance” VISION To provide all children with a common knowledge base, as well as, strong thinking and organization skills necessary to accept the challenges of the 21st century. A conscientious effort is given to developing a quality and equitable learning atmosphere for general education students, and special needs students alike. At Princeton, we strive to continue to provide a climate of high expectations which reflects a collaborative effort by all stakeholders, parents, administration, professional and support staff, community and business partners.

3 Pre-K and Kindergarten Team Pre-K – Mrs. Juliet Rupal Kindergarten Team -Mrs. Diane Reyno -Mrs. Tracy Scott

4 General Overview The purpose of this orientation is to provide a general overview of the Pre-K and Kindergarten program only. More detailed information will be discussed at Back to School Night. A brief classroom tour will follow this presentation.

5 General Overview A Journey Begins…Pre-K and Kindergarten are the beginning of a wonderful journey of exploration and inspiration. Our Goals: To help children follow directions, understand the importance of punctuality, learn how to complete homework, to be considerate, to love reading and enjoy learning in all subject areas-math, reading, social studies and science.

6 Academic Expectations Generally, by the end of kindergarten, children are expected: – To identify and write the letters of the alphabet –Write his/her name –Read the words on the kindergarten vocabulary list –Identify colors and shapes

7 Academic Expectations Identify and count numbers to 31. Copy sentences from the board legibly. Have an understanding of the concepts covered in class. Be able to attend to self-care tasks, such as tying their shoes, zipping coats, etc. Understand and follow simple directions.

8 Attendance Good attendance is important. Children are marked late after 7:45 Please send in a note whenever your child will be absent

9 Homework Homework will be done nightly and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Purpose is to reinforce skills taught at school. See your child’s teacher for specific information regarding the amount, when it begins and what it will cover.

10 Dress Code Mandatory uniform dress code for all Princeton Elementary School Students.

11 Articles of Clothing Please mark all outerwear garments with your child’s name. Please send in change of clothing for your child. Clothing will be kept at school and will be used in case of emergencies.

12 Allergies Send in a note to both the teacher and the nurse if your child has allergies and provide us with specific instructions concerning the proper care to be given.

13 Parental Involvement We need you as we are partners in education. Volunteers are needed in areas of helping with school parties, field trips, copying papers, putting together little books, etc. Fill out volunteer sign-up sheet in back. PGCPS volunteers must complete a fingerprinting and background check.

14 Supplies Please refer to the supply list Supplies are to be kept at school. Please provide an additional set for home in order to complete homework.

15 Lunch Each child will receive a pin number to gain access to the lunchroom computer in order to receive a cafeteria lunch Please send in lunch money or a bag lunch if your child does not receive a cafeteria lunch or will receive a portion of the cafeteria

16 School-Wide Discipline Plan Princeton Elementary is embarking on an exciting new adventure that involves the institution of a school- wide discipline plan in which a peace flag will be used to help children monitor behavioral choices and encourage them to be the best they can be.

17 Communication Please contact us whenever you have questions or concerns. Remember, we are partners in education, working together for the benefit of your child’s education. Please make sure you sign all correspondence sent home and return to school.

18 Thank You Thank you for your participation in this orientation. We are looking forward to a wonderful year working with you and your children. We will now proceed to each teacher’s classroom for a brief tour.

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