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1 #SPSJHB Integrating UC & C Presented by: Louis Yssel Unified Communications Technology & Integration Architect Scientific Communications 26 February 2011

2 #SPSJHB  Specialising is assisting Enterprise Customers to architect and design their Unified Communications and Collaboration strategies, solutions and integration.  Main focus is on consulting, design and quality assurance  Turn Key Unified Communications Solutions  Engineering and Architecture Services  Audio Visual (Video Conferencing) solutions  Currently busy roling out 65 000 users for financial services company  Built 22 Video Conferencning facilities in the past 15 months Louis Yssel Scientific Communications 082 908 9222

3 #SPSJHB Streamline Communications for End-Users Increase Operational Efficiency Provide Built-in Protection Build a Future-Ready Foundation on Software Instant Messaging Application Integration Team Workspaces Across Networks Across Devices E-Mail/Calendaring Conferencing Telephony Identity & Presence

4 #SPSJHB What is Unified Communications about?  User experience  Reliabiltiy  Availability  Accessibility  Single user interface  Device independent  Location independent  Time Zone independent

5 #SPSJHB Are we there yet? Not yet! Cannot video from Mobile devices yet Not yet device independent Software elements not totally transportable yet iPad does not have a webcam yet

6 #SPSJHB Are we close? Absolutely. The closest we have ever been! From the right device, we can access all modalities of communications We can have true follow me on IM, Voice and Video Presence is available from all modes of communications Video works H.264 and high profile codecs 1080p @ 30 fps at 2048 Kbps 720p @ 60 fps at 1024 Kbps

7 #SPSJHB But what is it about? Unified Communications is about 20% new products and 80% existing platforms 90% of the design effort is around integration The complexity is not achieving the functionality but in the integration of platforms Achieve reliability Not having a “Skype” Scenario “Always available”

8 #SPSJHB Vendor integration Most vendors have built ALL the tools required to integrate Sharepoint and OCS/Lync integrated out of the box Sharepoint and Outlook integrates out of the box Office and Sharepoint integrated out of the box It is about the platforms that need to integrate Instant Messaging OCS, Lync MSN Messenger, Google Talk Enterprise Voice PBS platforms such as Cisco Call Manager, Legacy PBX etc. Enteprise Video Video Conferencing platforms such as Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg & Life Size


10 #SPSJHB So what does that have to do with Sharepoint? Collaboration requires communications You can not colloborate unless you communicate People are no longer structures in teams that work together in the same room Virtual teams across the planet The Enterprise requires toll quality voice Least cost routing On net conferencing VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO

11 #SPSJHB Polycom and Microsoft SharePoint The Polycom VMCTM 1000 solution* and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 provide: End-to-end publishing and distribution of video content through an intuitive interface. Easily find and view live broadcasts or video on demand, as well as related rich media content, directly from their SharePoint Server Single point of personalized viewing for users, offering the content management capabilities of the Polycom Video Media Center 1000 solution within the Microsoft SharePoint Portal

12 #SPSJHB Vbrick Video Streaming Record Video Conferences for later viewing Accommodate on-demand viewing of executive broadcasts Produce HR compliance materials Record and distribute new product demonstrations Produce employee-based konowledge repository Produce training materials Produce visual research materials


14 #SPSJHB Thank you for your time Jhb! Please don’t forget to fill in your evaluation forms!

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