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Launches Managed Network Services. Made Easy and affordable.

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1 Launches Managed Network Services

2 Made Easy and affordable

3 BSNL Managed Network Service

4 New Chapter in BSNL More and More services will come on this Pattern Assured Services to Customer Guaranteed SLA

5 What Customer wants? Complete Reliable Services from One Interface organization. Supply of not only Bandwidth but also Leased line Modems / Routers etc. i.e. Complete Telecom Solutions Secured Network. OPEX Model instead of CAPEX. Proactive Monitoring of the customer Network. Guaranteed SLA.

6 Managed Services Definition Managed services are end-to-end services that include all of the following criteria: 1.Proactive monitoring 2.Remote configuration and troubleshooting 3.Service-level agreements (SLAs) 4.Monthly Subscription based. 5.Nil or very Little CAPEX.

7 Corporate Network LAN ROUTER Moving Ahead Service Provider IP Backbone Service Provider LL Modem Company Edge

8 ROUTER Range of Services needed by customer Managed Router Managed Firewall Managed IP Sec Managed IDS Managed D DoS Managed LAN Managed Network NOC / SOC for CUSTOMERS Consultancy

9 ROUTER BSNL Managed Services Managed Router Managed Firewall Managed IP Sec Managed IDS Managed D DoS Managed LAN Managed Network NOC / SOC for CUSTOMERS Provided with the help of Channel Partner Consultancy Available as ADD ON At additional incrementa l charge In built with Produ ct Leased Line Modems MPLS / Internet BW

10 BSNL selects Cisco to offer Managed Services

11 Managed Services — Multi-device Not the best model to address SMBs Managed Router + VPN Managed Firewall Managed Intrusion Protection Many devices  High CAPEX Labour intensive operation  High OPEX Different services coming from different providers (SP, SI, MSSP, …)  Lack of consistency in Security Policy Service are turned on on-demand  extending CPE lifecycle 1 or 2 devices for the full service portfolio  Lower CAPEX Less truck-roll and devices to manage  Lower OPEX Decreased churn through a comprehensive Portfolio Better Model for higher volume deployment Managed Services – Managed CPE Full Managed Services SP IP Network

12 Outside the office Complete Key System or PBX Ethernet / Switching Video, Content & Surveillance Wireless 802.11, Land Mobile Radio Terminal Services / Sync/Async Voice Security Network Analysis PSTN WAN/ Internet Backup PRI, T1,E1, Analog, BRI PRI, BRI, T1,E1, 56K, DSL,DS3,OC3, Cable Modem, etc ADSL,G.SHDSL, Modem, Satellite, BRI VPN, Firewall, IDS, etc Inside the office Wide Range of L2-L7 Services Enabled on Router

13 Proposed Service Bundle Keep it Simple!!

14 MPLS Internet LL Equipment Set up Customer Portal Equipment Maintenance BSNL EasyCom Router ; Firewall; IP Sec BSNL Managed Services Products BSNL EntCom BSNL BizCom BSNL Managed Services Products Connectivity Managed Services + + Broadband HARDWARE

15 BSNL Managed Products – Three Sets EasyCom - Broadband Networking. BizCom -64 Kbps to 1 Mbps EntCom -2 Mbps and above. BizCom and EntCom Products for MPLS / Internet Leased Line.

16 EasyCom Products Broadband Connections Router is installed with ADSL Modem. All Features of Management Provided.

17 Broadband 512 kbps Upload 512 kbps download Unlimited Download

18 BizCom Products Five Products 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 1024 Kbps. MPLS or Internet Leased Line Bandwidths. All Features of Management Provided. CDMA / GSM / ISDN Backup

19 EntCom Products One Product 2048 Kbps. MPLS or Internet Leased Line Bandwidths. All Features of Management Provided. CDMA / GSM / ISDN Backup

20 MPLS Bandwidth Gold Category Highest Class of Service

21 Internet Bandwidth 1:1 Assured Full bandwidth

22 BSNL Managed Network Services - Features 24 X 7 Telephone Support. Web Support. On-line proactive monitoring. SLA – 99% Up time. CDMA / GSM / ISDN Backup Up in select Product. Bill Delivery and Bill Collection at Doorstep. Door Step services to Managed Customers for other BSNL Products and Services by the Channel Partner.

23 BSNL selects M/S Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Limited for offering Managed Network Services

24 Value proposition to Customer

25 Tariff Fixed Monthly Cost

26 Tariff Starts at Rs 7,999/- per month

27 Pilot Project Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad of Mahrashtra Telecom Circle. All India Requirements of the customers of these cities will be taken care of.

28 SLA Parameters Change request for rules – 30 mins for priority rules / 4 hours 24x 7 Real-time monitoring via SOC - 99 % of SOC availability guaranteed 24 x 7 Real-time event correlation and interpretation 24 x 7 Incident handling Availability and Performance Monitoring Notification to Customer within 15 minutes Real-time reports on customer portal 4 hour Response and 24 hour Resolution time Event log storage duration – 1 month Notification of security update and bug-fixes

29 Free Trial 15 days Free Trail Offer

30 24 X 7 Toll Free Number 1800 233 3334

31 Email contact

32 Web site

33 A new beginning…..

34 Thanks

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