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Introductions & Conclusions

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1 Introductions & Conclusions

2 Objectives of the Introduction
Gain attention and interest of the audience Reveal the topic of the speech Establish credibility and good will of the speaker Preview the body of the speech

3 Methods to Gain Attention
Relate the topic to the audience State the importance of the topic Startle the audience (make it relevant) Arouse the curiosity of the audience Question the audience Use a quotation Tell a story Refer to the occasion, use visual aids, humor, or relate to the previous speaker

4 Tips on Introductions Make it brief
Look for potential material as you research Be creative Work out the introduction in detail so it can be delivered most effectively

5 Conclusions Functions: signal the end of the speech
reinforce the audience’s understanding of, or commitment to, the central idea

6 Methods to Conclude Use a brief verbal cue (e.g.,‘in conclusion’)
Use the voice through either a ‘crescendo’ or ‘dissolve’ ending Summarize the main points of the speech Conclude with a quotation End with a dramatic statement Refer back to the introduction

7 Tips on Concluding Look for potential material as you research your topic End with a ‘bang’ instead of a ‘whimper’ Don’t be long-winded in the conclusion

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