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Route 28 South of I-66 Corridor Safety and Operations Study Technical Committee Meeting #2 June 25, 2014 1.

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1 Route 28 South of I-66 Corridor Safety and Operations Study Technical Committee Meeting #2 June 25, 2014 1

2 Agenda Introductions Please sign in Study Overview Phase 1 – Short term improvements Phase 2 – Long term improvements Data Collection Activities Initial Observations Agency Meeting Summaries Schedule & Next Steps Steering Committee Meeting Guidance 2

3 Overall Corridor Activities Study –Phase 1 – Short term Current study effort Discussed in detail in this presentation –Phase 2 – Long term Currently on hold Subject to HB2 prioritization process 3

4 Study Area Route 28 – Centreville Rd –From South of I-66 –To Liberia Ave Mathis Ave –From Manassas Dr –To Liberia Ave Agencies Included: –Fairfax County –Prince William County –City of Manassas Park –City of Manassas –Virginia Department of Transportation 4

5 Phase 1 Study Overview Scope of Work Data collection Evaluate existing conditions Develop candidate solutions (under $2M) Develop traffic model Screen candidate solutions Model & evaluate recommended solutions Make recommendations Public involvement Overall Schedule Completed Spring 2015 5

6 Data Collection Effort Data collection includes: – Turning movement counts at 33 locations AM and PM peak periods –24 hour tube counts 8 locations –Two-Way Left Turn Section 81 driveways –Intersection Queuing 10 locations –Travel Time Runs Northbound and Southbound AM peak and PM peak periods 6

7 Data Collection Turning Movement Count Locations –33 locations –Rt 28 (Centreville Rd) –Mathis Ave 7

8 Data Collection 24-Hour Count Locations –8 locations 8

9 Data Collection Effort Field data collection is complete –Time frame for collection Prior to end of school year Data summaries being completed –All collection summaries to be completed by July 3, 2014 –Data will be summarized in Tech Memo With raw data on CD Due to VDOT mid July –Data available to agencies and future studies 9

10 Observed Peak Periods AM Peak –7:30 am to 8:30 am –Heavier congestion when compared to PM –Truck 7% –Directional Flow – NB PM Peak –4:45 pm to 5:45 pm –Truck 3% –Directional Flow – SB 10

11 Initial Observations Three distinct roadways –Northern Section More expressway like, higher speed Wide median Pedestrian facilities –Middle section More commercial Less access control –Southern portion More urban Divided thoroughfare 11

12 Initial Observations Approximate Travel Times –Between south of I-66 to Liberia Ave AM Peak –Northbound = 60 minutes –Southbound = 10 minutes PM Peak –Northbound = 15 minutes –Southbound = 20 minutes 12

13 Initial Observations Queuing Summary –Northbound queues extend from New Braddock Road to Manassas Drive during AM peak period –Southbound queues extend from Compton Road to Upperridge Drive –Area of study focus 13

14 Initial Observations Two-way left lane volumes - driveway peaks –Very low volumes, out of 81 driveways -24 driveways had zero volume -32 driveways had volume of less than 5 vph -19 driveways had volume between 5-10 vph -6 driveways had volume more than 10 vph (maximum observed was 24 vph) Pedestrians –People walk in street –Pedestrian fatalities 14

15 Agency Meetings Meetings and highlights –Prince Williams County (June 16) ROW constrained Pedestrian safety –City of Manassas Park (June 17) PM peak - bypass for Route 28 - Old Centreville Road Consider “limited one-way couplet” –Fairfax County (June 19) Neighborhood cut-through traffic (northbound to eastbound) Future plan for express bus service –City of Manassas (June 24) Signal coordination Corridor capacity helps all traffic 15

16 Scheduled Activities Six month look-ahead –Submit data collection memo, mid-July –Develop website –Steering Committee Meeting –Existing condition evaluation –September Technical Committee Meeting –Begin development of traffic model –Begin development of candidate solutions 16

17 Schedule of Activities –October Steering Committee –November Citizens Information Meeting –December – Combined Technical/Steering Committee Meeting 17

18 Next Steps Web Page –Set up project informational page –Will develop content for Tech Committee Review –Load page onto VDOT web site –Available end of July 18

19 Steering Committee Guidance Steering Committee Meeting –July 21, 2014 Develop agenda items –Project overview –Study area –Two phases – short and long term actions –Scope of Work –Data collection Analysis Alternatives development and screening –Traffic Model –Recommendations –Public involvement –Schedule –Steering Committee actions –Next steps 19

20 Next Steps Existing Condition Analysis – end of August –Level of Service –Hot spots –Bottlenecks –Crash Analysis Improvement screening process defined Begin development of traffic model 20

21 Next Technical Committee Next meeting in about 2 months –Likely September 10 (Wednesday) –Agenda Working Meeting Existing condition analysis summary Discuss list of solutions for consideration –Buildable/Affordable –Acceptable to local agencies 21

22 Next Steps Begin development of traffic model –Obtain VDOT/COG base model –Obtain Prince William County model –Obtain VISSIM model from City of Manassas Park –Create existing conditions plus 5 year land use look-ahead –Use model to evaluate proposed solutions 22

23 Next Steps Develop initial candidate improvements –List of candidate solutions –Screening Criteria Level-of-service Cost R.O.W impacts Utility impacts Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MOT) Construction duration Delay Safety Local acceptability 23

24 Steering Committee October Meeting –Review candidate solutions Construction impacts –Provide input Constructible Concerns –Approve candidate alternatives for additional evaluation 24

25 Public Involvement Citizen Information Meeting (CIM) –November timeframe –Recommendations for initial meeting Open format Stations for observed problems Recorder, brochure, comment sheet –Discuss existing conditions –Initial observations and issues –Obtain comments Other problems Input on candidate solutions 25

26 Combined Committee Meeting Technical & Steering Committee Meeting –December timeframe –Review CIM feedback –Discuss candidate alternatives –Generate alternative selection guidance 26

27 Additional Input Questions / Comments? 27

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