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Principles of Architecture and Construction

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1 Principles of Architecture and Construction
URBAN DESIGN Principles of Architecture and Construction Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

2 What Is Urban Design? Devising a plan for change and/or development
Within a specific area For a city subdivision For a city, district or region Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

3 What Is Urban Design? Blending the components within a development.
Relating sensory relationships between people and the environment Being aware of how and what people think about the environment Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

4 What Is Urban Design? Maintaining Community Character
Reflection of the history and traditions of the area or town Conveys pride in ownership to inspire economic growth Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

5 What Is Urban Design? Planning a development which
Is friendly to pedestrian traffic Provides a means of blending automobile traffic with pedestrian traffic Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

6 What Is Urban Design? Adapting Mix-use Places between commercial and residential Horizontal model Separate structures for each Stacked Model Both commercial (on lower levels) and residential (on upper levels) in same building Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

7 What Is Urban Design? Pedestrian connections
Designing safe and comfortable projects with ease of access between clusters Parking surrounded by clusters Clusters surrounded by parking Provide accessible walks Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

8 What Is Urban Design? Traffic calming Managing automobile traffic
Providing streetscaping Plan for paving which promotes shared access Pedestrian Automobile Bicycle Provision of on-street parking Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

9 Dimension of sustainability
What Is Urban Design? Dimension of sustainability Economic sustainability Environmental sustainability Social sustainability Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

10 What Is Urban Design? Protecting and creating economic value
Urban plans provide certainty Developers Land owners City Creates higher land values Protection of economic opportunity Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

11 What Is An Urban Designer?
There is no set definition No professional body decides what constitutes an Urban designer Courses and content vary from college to college No set body of knowledge Broad body of knowledge How planning systems work How to conserve buildings, landscape and resources How to involve people and communicate with developers, city officials, land owners and citizens How to write policy How to use computers Plus many more skills and knowledge Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

12 What Is An Urban Designer?
What is the job like? Planners work with cities, land owners, citizens and developers Planners solve both vehicle and pedestrian traffic problems Plan where cars should go and park Plan how pedestrians get from place to place Planners plan to save the environment uses sustainable design uses green technologies. Urban planners know where everything is People, streets, highways, water, sewers, libraries, museums, stores Planners listen, gather information, develop plans, estimate costs and explain their plans Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

13 What Is An Urban Designer?
How Do I Get ready? College is a must Bachelor’s degree needed for apprentice job Master’s degree required by most full-time employers Work with an urban planning firm Gain experience Learn from professionals Learn how to use the computer effectively Take additional courses in computers and statistics Study how to write and speak effectively Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

14 What Is An Urban Designer?
How much does the job pay? 2008 average salary was $62,400 annually How many jobs are there? There were about 38,400 urban planners in 2008 What about the future? Number of jobs expected to rapidly increase through 2018 Most jobs will be in rapidly expanding communities What are some related jobs? Architects, City Managers, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Landscape Architects and Social Scientists Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

15 What Is an Urban Designer?
Additional Research Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Edition Universities Colleges Technical schools Copyright Texas Education Agency (TEA)

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