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Pedestrian Safety Year 9 - Discussion Groups. Pedestrian Issues.

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1 Pedestrian Safety Year 9 - Discussion Groups

2 Pedestrian Issues

3 THE FACTS: number of people involved in road crashes every day in the UK in 2012: 5 63 468 Many of those killed and injured are your age! Road crashes are the biggest killer of 15-24 year-olds! Number of deaths Number of serious injuries Number of slight injuries


5 Show “Think! Teenagers” video clip at this point

6 What is a ‘vulnerable road user’? Why are these types of road user vulnerable, compared to people in vehicles? They do not have a vehicle around them, helping to protect them in a crash This means if they are hit, they bear the full force of the impact We’re all vulnerable road users – and we all need to look out for each other on roads

7 DISCUSS: When are pedestrians at risk? When they are distracted or impaired eg. mobile phones or i-pods Around fast-moving traffic When it’s dark, raining, foggy or icy When there’s no pavement When the driver is distracted, drunk, on drugs or angry

8 Show “ Camera phone (teenagers)” clip at this point

9 THE FACTS: speed and stopping distances The faster drivers go, the less time they have to react to people and hazards The distances shown are a general guide. The distance will depend on the driver’s attention (thinking distance), the road surface, the weather conditions and the condition of the vehicle at the time. Crown copyright, Official Highway Code 2007

10 Car B will be travelling at 11 mph when Car A is at rest 2 identical cars travelling side by side in a 30 mph limit 30 mph A 32 mph B The big difference that a few MPH can make

11 Pedestrians killed Speed in MPH Percentage Killed

12 Practical effectsEmotional effects BRAINSTORM: think about the effects of road crashes, discuss with your group. What effects do you think road deaths have on families and communities? What effects do you think serious injuries like limb-loss, brain damage and paralysis have on people’s lives? Practical effectsEmotional effects

13 BRAINSTORM: Why are young people more at risk on foot? Discuss with your group. Why are young people at risk on foot? What pledges could you make to reduce your risk?

14 SMART CHOICES: When crossing, focus on the road – not your mates or your mobile Cross in places where drivers can see you easily Go back to basics – stop, look, listen & THINK! Don’t muck about near roads or put your mates at risk Wear something bright and choose safe routes Don’t assume drivers always do the right thing Walk smart

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