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1. A first look at the EYD2015 campaign Our red thread: storytelling 3 Co-Communication Co-branding Co-creation of content.

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1 1

2 A first look at the EYD2015 campaign

3 Our red thread: storytelling 3 Co-Communication Co-branding Co-creation of content

4 Core campaign elements Visual identity to brand events and communication material Communication toolkit EYD website and social media shared with partners Thematic months Capacity4dev group for coordination dissemination of material 4

5 Thematic months January – Europe in the world February – Education March – Women and girls April - Health May – Peace and security June – Sustainable growth, decent jobs and businesses July – Children and youth August – Humanitarian aid September – Demography and migration October – Food security November – Sustainable development goals December – Human rights 5

6 EuropeAid flagship initiatives Opening event with Latvian presidency (Riga, 9/01) Belgian cultural opening event (Brussels, 16/01) Gender event (Riga, 4 March) EU Dev Days (EDDs) (Brussels, 10-11 June) 28 Kapuscinski lectures in Member States EXPO 2015, Milan Lorenzo Natali Prize for journalists Creating or making use of a volunteer programme Climate COP21, December in Paris Conferences at the External Action Info Point all year Closing conference (Luxembourg, 8/12) 6

7 7 EYD 2015 European Commission NGO/CSO EU Delegations Member States International Organisations Private Sector European Economic and Social Committee and Committee of the Regions Universities, schools Local and regional authorities Foundations European Parliament and Council

8 Stakeholders initiatives To be included in the EYD campaign calendar on the official site as they are confirmed National Work Programmes Member States' EYD ambassadors Competitions in schools with Member States Marathons and sport for development Co-branded events with international organisations NGO initiatives Think tanks launch discussions Awards with private sector organisations 8

9 Get involved in the EYD2015 It's our Year!

10 Focus on civil society&local authorities National work programmes civil society & local authorities as part of the NWP designed under the responsibility of Member States Grant to CONCORD to include civil society in the design and implementation of the EYD2015 DEAR The current call is under the heading of the EYD2015 10

11 EYD website Collaborative campaign site: approved partners, including CONCORD members, will have full editorial control of own content Each organisation will have a profile page and upload events, stories, posts aiming to inform, engage and link background documents to stories provided by EYD2015 Online debates on topics decided by the moderator in coordination with EuropeAid. CONCORD members can propose ideas and volunteer to moderate

12 Social media Kick-start the year on twitter and facebook @EYD 2015#EYD2015 Co-curation of social media accounts: partners will be invited to sign up for ownership of the twitter and facebook accounts for one week, slots in line with editorial calendar of thematic weeks Social media guidelines and editorial calendar will be shared, thematic months, EYD flagship events, stories for release by EuropeAid, hashtags and messages 12

13 Join the group on Capacity4dev 13 The group supports coordination by EuropeAid. To be uploaded here:  Summary of National Work Programmes  Communication toolkit with info on EU development cooperation  Implementation of visual identity concept into style guide for branding all activities with motto of the year  Story – telling guidelines, including how to upload stories on EYD website  Editorial calendar with list of thematic months and co-curation sign-up  Calendar of confirmed activities organised by EuropeAid  Technical handbook for EYD website and editorial policy

14 Involve your networks 14 Promote the EYD2015 with your networks and stakeholders and encourage them to take part

15 A successful EYD2015 is… 15 EuropeAid and Commission DGs make EYD2015 a corporate communication priority All stakeholders, including international organisations and civil society organisations join the EYD and work together EU Delegations and organisations on the ground promote the EYD in partner countries and contribute stories from the field The objectives are reached

16 Keep in touch! #EYD2015 @europeaid

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