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1 E.N.S.A GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2011 CONCLUSIONS “Stepping efforts to combat poverty boosting innovation with shared social responsibilities at Regional and.

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1 1 E.N.S.A GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2011 CONCLUSIONS “Stepping efforts to combat poverty boosting innovation with shared social responsibilities at Regional and Local Level’ In the framework of the European Year of Volunteering and the 2020 strategy Mario Modolo General Director Social Services

2 2 E.N.S.A THEMATIC NETWORKS 2010 leaderships Elderly: Leader Helsinki Youth: Region of Madrid Disabled: Leader Conseil Général du Val de Marne Childhood: West Sweden /Valencia from 2010 new thematic coordination: Flanders working with Valencia. Thank you to West Sweden for the work achieved. Thank you Vienna for active role!!! Inclusion: Leader Veneto Lavoro

3 3 Thematic working group strategies 2011 Looking for innovative solutions to answer social needs: Disability focus on accessibility- Active citizenship- employment integration- work on study cases Elders focus on Long term care-Active Ageing and intergenerational solidarity Child children rights- violence prevention- child poverty - Family and work/ life balance- Deinstitutionalisation Inclusion focus on- valorisation of migrants human capital Youth focus on excluded youth/developing youth potential- volunteering

4 4 General report of activities 2010/2011 2010 General Assembly held in Madrid and Valencia (31/05- 04/06) new members Oslo: Sagene district, Karnten, Flanders, Castellon, Extremadura, Puglia, Florence, Central Sweden Focus on : welfare models to boost social inclusion at regional and local level

5 5 General intiatives involving the ENSA network 2010 Open Days 2010: Participation of ENSA and Elisan on seminar “competitive territories promoting social inclusion” Consortium led by Barcelona- Brussels 5 October WORKSHOPS: Workshop 1: How do inclusion policies reinforce competitiveness? Workshop 2: How does competitiveness contributing towards inclusion?

6 6 Open Days 2010: 10/05/2010 Open Days side event in the framework of 2011, European Year of Volunteering- Lead Flanders

7 7 Open Days 2011: 27 Sept 2011 Open Days Decentralised event in the framework of 2012, European Year of active ageing. Lead Flanders, collaboration Elisan.

8 8 General intiatives involving the ENSA network 2010 2011 In collaboration with Elisan network : European Conference 15-16 November 2010 “Social issues : a real investment against the crisis” Bruxelles Committee of the Regions– Courtrai” Study visits in elderly care. Ensa elderly thematic working group Brussels 17 November.

9 9 FUTURE SUGGESTIONS Collaboration Elisan 2010 2011 Selection of best practices data base on social innovation European award on Energy precariety (GDF Suez) contribution to annual congress on innovation (10 Nov 2011 Brussels) Exchanges and participation in Elisan Cross Border cooperation working group get ready for possible alzheimer call for award Elisan could circulate to ENSA members notes about the most important dossier discussed at EU level Feedbacks from ENSA working groups in order to bring suggestions for position papers to the Elisan

10 10 In collaboration with EPR – European Platform for Rehabilitation: Progress application funded “Prometheus” Subject: the quality of Social Services of General interest The ENSA members have a delegate participating and reporting about the EQRM (European Quality for Rehabilitation Mark) Awarding Committee Continuing the pilot experience of the EQUASS System: European Quality in Social Services.

11 11 In collaboration with Eurochild: Ongoing exchanges in the ENSA child thematic group. ENSA Child meeting in conjunction with Eurochild annual conference- Orebro 4-5 November 2010 " Brighter futures - Building effective partnerships to end child poverty” 24 May 2011 Brussels- “Foster Care under the lens” Protecting the rights of children in alternative care

12 12 General intiatives involving the ENSA network 2010 2011 Going on joint Collaboration with the SIRG: Social Inclusion Regional Group for the fight against poverty on 5 themes: Child Poverty: 18 October 2010 Seminar. “What can the EU learn from its regions? Local and regional initiatives tackling child poverty!” Lead by Veneto and Vleva Inclusive Labour Market: 7 June 2010 «New Job Markets for Inclusion» Lead by West Sweden and Extremadura Quality and acces to Social Services and decent Housing: 16 November «“The Individual First - Local Innovative Actions for Quality Social Services and Decent Housing” Lead by West Sweden and Vleva Equality and non discrimination: 10 March 2010 “The path to economic independence – Inclusion of women in the labour market” Lead by Valencia and Oslo Financial exclusion: 24 September 2010 “Balancing Acts: Tackling financial exclusion through balanced policies and measures involving individuals, communities and institutions” Lead by Vleva and NEEO 2010 SIRG Closing Event: 26 January 2011 Looking forward to local and regional authorities in the fight against poverty.

13 13 ENSA FUTURE SUGGESTIONS 2011- 2012 Work with European years: 2011 European Year of Volunteering cross cutting issue of this year General Assembly 2012 anticipate work on European year of Active ageeing and intergenerational solidarity- Work with age coalition Preparing a European Year for Family

14 14 ENSA FUTURE SUGGESTIONS 2011 Joint application ELISAN SIRG ENSA to finance programme of the networks Considering registration fee for the attendance of the General Assembly meeting/thematic groups to the benefit of hosting region

15 15 Conclusions: positive results Welcome to new members! Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Flanders Projects applications: Progress -“Quality care for Quality Ageeing”- Leader Veneto (ULSS 10) - Deca : Deinstitutionalisation of Elderly care in Community Alternatives. Transferable good practice in the community setting of local territories. (ULSS 10) -“Prometheus” (Quality of Social services)- Leader EPR Leonardo “Design for All” (accessibility/disability)- Leader Val de Marne Youth in Action “Friends Beyond Border” (disability)- Leader Veneto (ULSS Padua) Lifelong Learning :Grundtvig/Multilateral Project “D-ACTIVE”- disability. Leader Florence Daphne “Friends on line” leader West Sweden safe use of internet- dissemination model within ENSA Fundamental rights and citizenship" 2007-2013. Increasing Roma people's participation and citizenship rights: Campaigns and Tools Series of international/Regional/local events and study visits.

16 16 Conclusions Congratulations to Carinthia and Vienna for hosting this year general Assembly the 6 thematic coordinators: Conseil Général du Val de Marne, Helsinki, Valencia, West Sweden, Madrid, Flanders and to all of you ENSA active participants Next year General Assembly: Suggestions Conseil de l’Europe Strasbourg/ Brussels Candidates?

17 17 Challenges 2011 2012: Economic crisis- unemployment Fight against poverty Financing social services- access to services Demographic changes Possible responses, social innovation through: Active ageeing intergenerational solidarity Stimulating volunteering- a better use of civil society engagement- Support to family work life balance policies Stimulating youth employment/skills Enhancing quality care- quality of life

18 18 Thank you for your attention! Till next year … MARIO MODOLO Director Veneto Region Social Services

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